Atmos Thermo W Vaporizer Review

Atmos Thermo W

Atmos is at it again, one of the leaders in portable vaporizing has released another great little vape, the Atmos Thermo W. Made specifically for waxier oils and concentrates, how does it hold up against the constantly growing competition? [Read more…]

Plenty Vaporizer Review

Plenty Vaporizer

You can almost consider Storz & Bickel the founding fathers of vaporizing. They may not have invented vaporizers, but they definitely paved the way for the quality vaporizers you are seeing today. Before they released the Volcano vaporizer back in early 2000 most vaporizers you found were simple dome designs with hot plates that more often combusted your material than vaporized it. [Read more…]

Product Focus: SToK USA Vape Pens

SToK Vaporizers

We know what you’re saying, “Not another pen vaporizer.” and honestly we can’t completely blame you. But you have to ask yourself why we would be highlighting yet another pen vape, if it didn’t warrant it. Well, this definitely warrants it. [Read more…]