eDab Fantom Shell: Change The Color Of Your Cartridge Battery

In case you’ve been out of the loop, the eDab Fantom Pro is a top-rated variable voltage cartridge battery that lets you change the color of your device to match your mood, style, or cartridge flavor on demand. It offers this amazing feature by utilizing its signature Fantom Shell cover.

Fantom Pro 8 Shell Colors

Now available in 8 vivid colors, the removable Fantom Shell can be changed anytime with a simple snap. This one-of-a-kind cover hides and protects your cartridge, while making it easy to check how much oil is left in your at a glance.

eDab Fantom Shell Colors

Switch the shell color to match your outfit, your state of mind, rep your fav sports team, restore the condition of your device, or to sort your various cartridge flavors. (They even make an great fidget toy if you get bored!)

Fantom Shell Colors In Line

The top-rated eDab Fantom series vaporizers provide performance and reliability that not only meets your needs, but matches your personal style. For a cartridge battery as unique as you are, learn more about the eDab Fantom Pro here.