Coming Soon: The Palm Vaporizer


The Palm Vape is made by the manufacturer of the widely successful Vapor BLUNT vaporizer and is their first vaporizer since releasing the VaporBLUNT. The idea behind the Palm is pretty simple, a small hand held vape that uses rechargeable batteries that are inserted into the vape and pushed in to begin heating the unit.

The second you push the battery in you will see a small LED light glow to let you know that it is heating up. Seconds later you will see vapor accumulated under the clear window that covers the herb chamber. From there you simply pull from the mouthpiece and the vapor rushes through the all glass vapor path for direct inhalation.

One of the most appealing parts of the Palm herbal vaporizer is the fact that the screen is completely removable. Other vaporizers that operate similar to the Palm Vape do not have this feature and it is hands down one of the biggest complaints those vaporizers face.

The lid on the Palm Vape easily lifts open and closed to keep your material safe from spilling.

A major reason the screen and tray are removable is because the Palm Vaporizer allows you to vaporize loose leaf herb as well as essential oils and botanical concentrates. Removing the screen and tray makes cleaning the vape extremely easy as well as quick.

The Palm uses the same size mouthpiece as its bigger brother, the Vapor BLUNT, so you can use any of the VaporBLUNT flavored mouthpieces if you already picked up a pack. It comes with a standard plastic mouthpiece and one flavored mouthpiece right out of the box, so you will be all set when you get your Palm Vape order.

Head over to EZVapes for much more information on the brand new Palm Vaporizer.

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