Comparing The Dube And Dube XS Vaporizers

Dube VS Dube XS

Relatively new to the Vape Pen scene, White Rhino is already making its mark with the recent release of two very solid offerings, the original Dube and the modified, more compact version, the Dube XS. First, let’s look at the similarities between the two, and then we’ll explore the differences in build and design thereafter.

The Dube is about the length and size of a normal Bic pen, if slightly wider. This means you’re talking extreme portability and discretion where applicable. Very handy indeed. You can load both finely ground plant matter and heavier, more solid concentrates alike, which really makes the Dube duo a very versatile device when put up against similar pens that only offer one or the other in regard to the type of material they vaporize. The open atomizer coil really serves to use every last bit of loaded herb and make your experience with the Dube or Dube XS a most efficient one.

A couple more features that both units share is the accidental discharge safety mechanism and the overheat protection shut-off. The former basically is an electronic lock of sorts whereby the user has to push the atomizer button five times to activate the heating element, and then push it another five times to lock it. Very necessary in my opinion as this baby is going to be spending a lot of time in your pocket.

The Dube XS is slightly smaller in length, but the exact same thickness as the original Dube.

The Dube XS is slightly smaller in length, but the exact same thickness as the original Dube.

The latter feature is the protective shut-off, which is going to not only save your atomizer from burning out, but also keep some extra change in your pockets since a burned out atomizer is a dead atomizer and thusly, bears replacing. After 10 seconds of activation, the heat will automatically cut off, and after a few seconds you can initiate it again for a fresh draw.

Now onto the differences. First up, let’s talk price. At 54 dollars, the Dube is about 14 bucks more than the XS’s 40 dollar price point. Not a huge difference, but still noteworthy. Let it be known that you only get the wall charger with the Dube and not the XS, which does come bundled with the USB attachment for on-the-go charging, but nada mas.

The Dube XS’ new screen design (pictured right) is much improved over the original Dube design.

As far as dimensions are concerned, the XS is only about a half inch smaller, but that half inch can prove to make a noticeable difference when really trying to cram your pen away from prying eyes. The mouthpiece tip on the XS is rubber as opposed to the Dube’s plastic, and as such, it has a softer, more inviting feel to it. The XS also has a detachable screen for easy replacement which rounds out the variances between the two models.

The bottom line is this: whether you choose the Dube or the Dube XS, you’re going to come out a winner. And as the old saying goes it pays to be a winner. White Rhino understands that to be successful in today’s marketplace, nothing less than the best will suffice, and both of these models manage to offer the right formula that will have you grinning about your purchase for some time to come.

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