Cornucopia Of Savings: 15% Off ALL Vaporizers!

After two glorious months offering huge savings on all portable vapes, we decided for November we’d sweeten the pot even more by giving you 15% off ALL vaporizers!

You read that correctly. All vapes. 15% off. Most of you might have just been happy with us offering 15% off on portables again, well technically we still are, but have included every other vaporizer site wide for you to save big on all month long!

From classics like the Magic Flight and the Extreme Q, to the new kids on the block like the Pinnacle Pro vape and Vapir Rise table top, you can snag them all at an awesome discount. If you would allow me to recommend a vape, you absolutely HAVE to check out the eDab HELOS kit that was just released. If you need a good vape pen for your wax you seriously would be foolish to look elsewhere, that’s how strongly I feel about it.

To get in on this deal just use the coupon code “VAPE15” at checkout and any vape in your shopping cart will magically shed 15% off of its price. It’s seriously a thing of beauty. Click here to take advantage of this sweet deal.

This deal is only for a limited time, so please take advantage and maybe even bang out some holiday shopping early for that special someone. This deal in combination with our crazy giveaways this month is EZVapes’ way of showing how thankful we are to have such awesome friends and fans, let us know in the comments what YOU are thankful for this year!

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