The DaVinci Vape Sports Case Returns

The super popular DaVinci Vaporizer Sports Case has returned and is better than ever with our newest version. Oh, and you can get one for free, here’s how.

We have designed a newer foam layout with an upgraded foam material. This new Polyurethane foam can withstand temperatures up to 300° Fahrenheit and its shock resistant nature makes sure that the DaVinci Vape and every single part in there is fully protected. There are now extra protective layers on top and bottom to fully protect your DaVinci Vape and all its parts.

The things you loved about the case originally remain the same, like the key chain clip for easy transportation, the easy snap lock to open and close the case, as well as the patented Pelican “automatic pressure purge” on the front of the case to keep dirt, water and anything else that harm the contents of the case far away.

To honor the occasion, we will be giving away the Pelican case absolutely free whenever you buy the DaVinci Vaporizer from now until the end of November. Head over to EZVapes now to take advantage of this great deal.

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