Double Vaporizer Giveaways For Week 2!

Time for another DOUBLE vaporizer giveaway this week as we conclude week two of the EZVapes March Madness Vaporizer Giveaways!

Last week our double vape giveaway was for the Kanger EVOD kit and we had BOTH of the winners claim their prizes. That is exactly what we like to see, so congrats to Zachary C. from PA and Scott S. from WI on taking home those awesome vapes. Enjoy guys!

From past weeks we have the PUFFiT X vape returning to try to find itself a loving new vape home. The PUFFiT not only has a super discreet design that looks like an inhaler instead of a vape, but they added in a small fan that delivers the vapor to you for an enjoyable experience every time.

Another vape that is surprisingly lingering around still is the Extreme Q by Arizer. Not only can you control this vape’s plentiful amount of functions with a remote control, but you can use either vapor balloons or whip to enjoy the vapor. One of my personal favorite table top vaporizers.

And of course we have our DOUBLE vaporizer giveaway of the week which is the tiny, yet powerful Cloud Pen! We’ll be drawing two winners, each getting a Cloud Pen 2.0 of their choosing. With the amount of colors they have you won’t be short on options and the new waxy atomizer is perfect for your sticky material.

Enjoy those new EVOD's Zachary and Scott!

Enjoy those new EVOD’s Zachary and Scott!

Now you are going to want to check your email inbox to see if you are one of our lucky four winners this week. If you won hurry up and respond with where you want it shipped and we will send it out with the quickness. Be sure to check EVERY folder in your email, just last week one of the winners found the message filtered into spam!

If you want to be eligible for these exciting giveaways be sure you join the EZVapes community here and you will be all good to go. You even get our vaporizer newsletter every Friday that we jam pack with news, reviews, pics and a ton of other things to keep you up to date on what’s new and exciting.

Time is running out fast on our oil/wax vaporizer sale, so be sure to use the coupon code “WAX15” at checkout and save yourself some quick cash on a shiny new vape! If you need a suggestion I highly suggest checking out the Pinnacle Pro by VaporBLUNT, it even got a nice new case too!

Next week we have our mystery prize double giveaway, but that mystery is set to be unveiled VERY soon so be sure to keep a close look out! Everybody have an excellent weekend and let us know in the comments how you’ll be celebrating St Patty’s Day this weekend!


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