EZVapes Holiday Giveaways Have Begun!

The holidays are in full swing and that means it’s about time we get these holiday vaporizer giveaways in full swing as well!

It has certainly been a wild week with crazy deals left and right and we still have an entire shopping weekend to go! I hope most of you got your holiday shopping out of the way early and can relax a little! Allow us to relax you even further with some great vaporizer giveaways!

First up going out is the brand new VapeCase iPhone Vape. That’s right, a perfect marriage of mobile device and portable vaporizer. When I first saw this it made me regret having a Samsung! But don’t worry, they will be making models for all the popular mobile devices. This vape has a list of features that put vape pens that don’t attach to your phone to shame. It has a lightweight and super durable build, space for a 510 threaded cartridge at the top, and a 4 stage variable voltage battery so you can find your perfect vaping setting.

Our bonus vape pen giveaway this week is actually last month’s grand prize, the HELOS Deluxe Set! If you have been searching for the portable wax vaporizer of your dreams this is where you want to start. It’s insanely efficient, the glass globe gives you a full view of your vapor, and the deluxe set is jam packed with useful parts and accessories. I’ve been using my HELOS for over a month now and am having some serious trouble putting it down.

That is one serious line up of giveaways to start the month! So go. Check your email inbox and every single solitary folder that email has for a message from us letting you know you’ll soon be the proud new owner of one of these amazing vapes. If you won send us back a reply with where you want it shipped and it’ll be at your doorstep before you know it!

Not sure whether or not you are even eligible for these giveaways? Well what are you waiting for?! Simply join the EZVapes community and you will be all set. You will even get our weekly vaporizer newsletter which always has some fun stuff like pics of products, new reviews of vapes, and even some deals and discounts that aren’t advertised anywhere but the newsletter!

As if those giveaways weren’t enough we still have our e-juice giveaway set to pop off momentarily. For the holiday season we even stepped it up by adding in free vape pen cartridge giveaways now! Today we are doing something extra special, so head over to our Facebook page and be sure to keep a look out!

DON’T FORGET! These are your final days to take advantage of our 20% off sale site wide! Enter the coupon code “EZVAPES” at checkout and that will instantly save you 20% off your order! It’s our way of helping you get all that holiday shopping wrapped up! Also be sure to check out our holiday buyer’s guide for some awesome suggestions!

This is just the start of this crazy month of giveaways, as the month goes on it’s only going to get even more hype around here! So is your shopping mostly out of the way? What gift did you pick out that you’re most excited to give out? I got my Mom a new ceiling fan, now just to figure out how to put that in without her knowing! Have a great weekend everyone!

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