EZVapes November Thanksgiveaways!

UPDATE: These giveaways have come to a close, but check out our holiday vaporizer giveaways for December!

November is a time to give thanks. A time to let those around you that you are thankful for them and what they contribute to your life. Well, EZVapes is VERY thankful for our loyal friends and fans, so we are showing our thanks by giving you what has to be the best set of giveaways EVER!

First off we have five Fridays in the month of November, so naturally we will be giving away SIX prizes. Wait, that doesn’t add up, does it? Yes of course, I forgot our extra giveaway for hitting 25,000 likes on our Facebook page! To thank all of you for your support we’ll be giving away the Kanger EVOD vape pen starter kit, the perfect package to get you going on enjoying e-juice. That will be done exclusively on our Facebook page soon, so stay tuned!

So what else is going out exactly that I dare claim this is the best month of giveaways yet? Well, check it out:

November 1st: O-Phos Vaporizer

November 8th: Joyetech eCab + Carrying Case

November 15th: Arizer Solo Portable Vape

November 22nd: Vapir Rise Vaporizer

November 29th: eDab HELOS Deluxe Vaporizer Kit

See, I was not exaggerating, those are some serious giveaways if you ask me. You probably know most of these vapes, but if not allow me to give you a formal introduction.

The O-Phos and eCab vape pens.

The O-Phos and eCab vape pens going out in the first 2 weeks.

The O-Phos by Delta9Vapes is a no-nonsense portable oil vaporizer with a sleek, slim design and an absolutely diesel battery. The 900mAh and 2.4 ohm concentrate cartridge are like the Batman and Robin of oil vapes, combining to form a dynamic duo sure to handle all your oils and waxy concentrates with ease.

Joyetech invented the vape pen style you have become accustomed to today. As such they have essentially mastered the design over the years and the eCab just may be their masterpiece. The Joyetech eCab has one of the smallest and thinnest pen designs available and makes loading and enjoying your e-juice insanely easy and mess free. The carry case added in neatly stores your eCab and an extra atomizer/cartridge and all with some serious style to boot. Forget boring, ugly carrying cases, the eCab carry case has a beautiful design with magnetic closure and the Joyetech logo proudly displayed.

Better yet, all month long when you pick up the Joyetech eCab starter kit you get the carrying case absolutely FREE. No coupon code required, simply check out with the eCab and you will get the case free of charge, so if luck doesn’t go your way you still have this to fall back on.

Things heat up for weeks 3 and 4 with the Arizer Solo and Vapir Rise!

Things heat up for weeks 3 and 4 with the Arizer Solo and Vapir Rise!

Does the Solo even need an introduction? This portable vape from Arizer Tech has widely been considered the best of the best for some time now and you won’t hear any argument from us on that. The super efficient heater and glass tubes combine to give you a vapor quality normally reserved for table top vapes with much more power.

Released mere months ago, the Vapir Rise has taken dual function vapes and turned them on their head. Out of the box you get whip and balloon functionality, the ability to vaporize not only loose leaf herbs and tobacco, but also essential oils and concentrates, no extra attachments to purchase. Throw in the precise touch controls and whopping amount of accessories and replacement parts and you have a table top to end all table tops.

Introducing the grand prize, the eDab HELOS Deluxe Kit

Introducing the grand prize, the eDab HELOS Deluxe Kit

That brings us to our grand prize and a vape I know needs an introduction, the eDab HELOS. The first offering from eDab, the HELOS is a small portable pen vaporizer that has left every other wax vaporizer looking up at it. The eNail on the HELOS is incredibly efficient, vaporizing your material clean so there is no mess left over. The variable voltage eDab “spin battery” allows you to adjust from 3.2V to 4.8V so you can find what setting works best for you. And finally the borosilicate glass globe surrounding the eNail allows time for the vapor to cool before inhaling, giving you the best puff possible each time. You may not know the name yet, but I guarantee you will.

My eyes light up just looking at these vapes lined up next to each other, to think we will be drawing random winners for these is almost mind blowing.

To become eligible for these giveaways all you have to do is join all of us in the EZVapes community. Not only will this ensure you are eligible for all these great giveaways and our future ones, but you also get our weekly newsletter delivered directly to your inbox. The newsletter has fun pics, in depth vaporizer reviews, and even unadvertised deals and discounts for you to indulge in!

You can bet we are going to keep our daily e-juice giveaways going on our Facebook page, you have spoken and we hear you loud and clearly. We won’t stop these great giveaways until you stop showing interest and you’ve done just the opposite! If you have your eye on a flavor we haven’t given away let us know in the comments and it shall be done!

Lastly, we have on helluva deal going on this month, offering you 15% off ALL vaporizers! Use the coupon code “VAPE15” at checkout and instantly save on any vape site wide!

The fastest way to connect with us here at EZVapes is by following us on all our social media accounts. You can find us on FacebookInstagram, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter, so get to following and come say hi, we’re a fun bunch if you ask me.

So as you can see we are beyond thankful for all of you and we really hope these giveaways reflect that. Which prize strikes you as the showstopper? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check here often for some giveaway spotlights going further in depth to what all these great giveaways have to offer!


  1. got a new thermo vape ceramic from the manufacturer and it was a waste of time and money I had saved for awhile (SSI recipient, Paraplegic) and not returnable after even a single use. Works a little better with dabs but not other medicine buyers beware (wish I could find some that wants it for dabing to recoop some $). Hope to find a better product here one day as these people seem more knowledgeable.

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