Fall Into A Great Deal: 15% Off Portable Vaporizers!

Portable Vaporizer Sale

UPDATE: This deal has ended, but check out our new sale for November!

Don’t worry, you aren’t having déjà vu. The people have spoken. Our sale last month on portable vaporizers was such a hit that we decided to let you guys and gals have at it for another month!

There are new portable vapes hitting the shelf all the time, including two that are in this month’s giveaways, the Atmos Junior and PUFFiT X, so even if you did take advantage of the coupon already you’ll definitely have incentive to do so again. I’m still hooked on my Pinnacle Pro vaporizer and honestly can’t recommend it enough. It’s performance for a vape that size is down right insane, OK I’ll stop but seriously I love it.

If you can’t narrow your choices down always feel free to contact us for a recommendation. You know my recommendation, but we can always take extra info you give us like price range and type of vape to find the perfect vape for you.

Once you’ve found that vape you want to call your own simply enter the coupon code “PORT15” at checkout and the discount will be instantly applied. Saving money has never been quite so easy. Click here to take advantage of this coupon now.

I highly doubt this coupon goes another month, so please make sure you use this coupon as often as possible and don’t let it slip by the wayside! Feel free to share your recommendations for portable vapes in the comments below!

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