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UPDATE: The winner has been selected and claimed their prize, but don’t miss out on our 4 weeks of G Pen giveaways!

With our Zephyr Ion winner being selected just moments ago we could only think of one way to top it, giving away a brand new VapeXhale Cloud with the Evolver HydraCirc 2.0 glass tube upgrade!

February is the month of love, so we wanted to give you a vape that is easy to fall for. The VapeXhale Cloud vaporizer is truly unique, being designed from the ground up to deliver some of the smoothest and tastiest vapor you could possibly imagine. Add on the HydraCirc glass tube and you improve an already out of this world experience ten fold.

Once you experience having your vapor cool while it passes through the water filtration offered by the Evolver HydraCirc and through the all glass vapor path you will instantly know where the Cloud vaporizer got its name. And don’t let the complex look fool you, the VapeXhale is easy to use and in no time at all you’ll feel like a pro with this vaporization masterpiece.

As if the all glass vapor path and water filtration wasn’t enough, the “PerpetuHeat System” gives you a super consistent vapor quality whether you pull extremely hard, or as light as can be. So in other words you don’t need the lung capacity of Michael Phelps to enjoy everything the VapeXhale has to offer.

Entering to become eligible is a simple 34 step process. We kid, we kid, as always all you have to do to become eligible for this great giveaway is sign up for our free vaporizer newsletter and that’s it. From there just be sure to check your email inbox on March 1st and see if you’ve won.

So if you can’t find a date this Valentine’s Day don’t worry, you can at least find unconditional love with the VapeXhale Cloud. If you just can’t wait for a new VapeXhale we really can’t blame you, procure your own Cloud vaporizer today at EZVapes.com where you know you are getting a truly great deal.


  1. Awesome giveaway !

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