Fall In Love With Our February Vaporizer Giveaways!

EZVapes Vaporizer Giveaways

Love is in the air as we enter February and us here at EZVapes want to give YOU a brand new vape to fall in love with!

Last month was an absolute blast as we had FIVE Friday’s so we had a crazy amount of vapes up for grabs. Last month we had SIX vapes go out to lucky winners who claimed their prizes:

  • White Rhino Liquid Mini #1: Jeremiah from Indiana
  • White Rhino Liquid Mini #2: Mark from Missouri
  • Dube XS #1: Lindsey from the UK
  • Dube XS #2: Danny from Nevada
  • RAW Vaporizer: Dustin from Tennessee
  • Atmos Junior: Frances from Nevada

Congrats again to you guys and gals, I’m sure they’re all loving their new vapes right now! We still have two prizes remaining from last month that will be joining our new giveaways for February. What are those giveaways? I thought you’d never ask! Here’s what we have planned:

Falling in love yet? How could you not?! Some of these vapes are a bit new so allow me to fill you in on why you NEED one of these awesome vapes!

For week one we are kicking things off with the super discreet PUFFiT-X! It may look more like an inhaler than a vaporizer, but that’s the point! When you need to hit the road and enjoy a vape session quickly and easily without a ton of fanfare the PUFFiT is perfect! Heats up fast, works great, and is even the world’s first portable vape that has a fan to smoothly and comfortably deliver the vapor to you!

Headlining the second week of our February giveaways is the eDab HELOS Deluxe with the new HELOS-G cartridge included! The HELOS has hit the ground running since its recent release thanks to its super efficient and affordable eNail atomizers powered by its variable voltage “Spin” battery. The glass globe gives you a nice full view of your vapor as it diffuses inside so you know the exact moment to pull. The HELOS also comes packed with a ton of parts and accessories right out of the box like extra eNails, matching color lanyard, USB wall/car charger adapter and more. It truly lives up to the “Deluxe Kit” name!

If you win the HELOS Deluxe Kit you’ll also be snagging the brand new HELOS-G Advanced Glass Globe Cartridge Set! Similar to the HELOS glass globe, but it ditches the mouthpiece with screen and instead sports one single glass globe and mouthpiece combo. The glass globe seamlessly molds into a mouthpiece at the top making it easier to clean and giving you one less piece to lose!

Now for the big dogs! For weeks 3 and 4 of the monthly giveaways we have some truly heavy duty table top units starting with the Arizer Extreme Q!

The Extreme Q by vaporizer powerhouses Arizer Tech has been around for a while now, but recently got a face lift with an absolutely beautiful midnight chrome finish. In addition to its stealthy space age look the Q boasts a number of features like dual functionality with vapor ballons or whip, multi-speed fan, dual screen cyclone bowl design and the entire vape can be controlled with a remote control! Lazy people (like myself) rejoice, a remote controlled vape!

Headlining the giveaways for February is one of my top candidates for vape of the year, even this early, the Baker by VaporBLUNT! As if VaporBLUNT’s stable of vapes wasn’t impressive enough, the Baker takes things to all new levels. The Baker heats up in under one minute, can reach temps as high as 800° F to vaporize oils and concentrates, and is specifically designed to be compatible with most 14mm and 18mm water tools right out of the box! The efficiency of the Baker is out of this world, giving you a perfectly vaped end product that is something to marvel at. You can see here just how much I’m loving the Baker.

In addition to these weekly vaporizer giveaways we are of course going to continue our daily e-juice/cartridge giveaways on our Facebook page! Each day you have a shot at winning a delicious e-juice and once a week we throw a vape pen cartridge in the mix to spice things up!

We’re also celebrating the month of love with a sweet deal on ALL vape pens sitewide! From Kanger and Joyetech to eDab and White Rhino, all your favorite brands are coming at a discount! Enter the coupon code “VAPEPEN” at checkout and you will instantly save 15% OFF any vape pen in your cart! Why not get your significant other a nice shiny new vape pen for Valentine’s Day?

Now that you know what you can win it’s time you know how to win. All you have to do to become eligible for all these great vape giveaways as well as all future giveaways is join the EZVapes community here. Not only will you be in the mix to win some great prizes, but you also get our weekly newsletter that features pics and reviews of new products and even some unadvertised deals and discounts that you won’t get anywhere else!

Of course the fastest way to stay up to date is to follow us on FacebookInstagram, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter as we update all the pages daily and use it as a platform to communicate with all of you awesome people!

So is everyone ready for another amazing month of vaporizer giveaways? I know I certainly am. Does everyone have their valentine lined up? If you could pick anyone to be your Valentine who would it be and why? Let us know your answers in the comments!

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