February 2015: New At EZVapes

We know a lot can get lost in the shuffle, especially around the holidays and beyond, but you know we’ve got your back! We’ve compiled a list of all the new and notable gear that you should have your eye on if you don’t already.

Eleaf iStick 20W

First up we’ve got the Eleaf iStick 20W mod. The Eleaf takes the power of those giant mods where you almost have to be in the “I lift things up and I put them down” profession to carry around and harnesses it into a tiny and convenient package.

The Eleaf mod packs a 2200mAh battery into a 3″ x 1.25″ shell all while giving you full control with variable voltage and wattage with a simple 3 button design. Now you can get those huge clouds you so crave, but in a much more convenient design.

Joyetech eGo One

This silver beauty is the eGo One by vape trailblazers Joyetech. It isn’t every day you can find a mod that takes on the familiar vape pen style. Not only that, but this little pen produces clouds comparable to the best out there.

Of course it isn’t just looks, the eGo One has a 1.8mL tank, durable glass window to check your e-juice levels, and an airflow control option to get the perfect draw each and every time. Little vape, huge results, exactly what you expect from Joyetech.

HELOS-X Dual Coil Wax Globe Cartridge Set

Well look who’s back, back again. None other than eDab, those diabolical geniuses who just seem to know exactly what I want before I even do. Their latest offering has my mouth watering, the HELOS-X Dual Coil Wax Globe Cartridge Set.

Yes, you read that correctly, DUAL coil, dual meaning two, like two coils, like double the pleasure double the fun. The twin heating coils make sure every last drop of your precious waxy concentrates goes to good use. When this thing is done you’ll be looking at nothing but a beautiful, clean ceramic dish. Exactly what you want to see.

Atmos RT Plus Cartridge Set

You know Atmos is always keeping up with the Jones’ and it is no different with their new Atmos RT Plus Cartridge Set. This 510 threaded cartridge comes with a stronger glass window and overall tougher build quality over the previous version and still looks just as beautiful.

The metal cap that screws into the top and creates a complete seal, giving you some nice vapor clouds from your favorite essential oils and concentrates. The slim design even shares the same width as most vape pens, making it as comfortable to transport as it is to puff from.


If discretion is what you crave then the PUFFiT 2 vape is exactly what you need. What looks like an inhaler from the outside is actually one of the most efficient little vaporizers out there. There is no light indicator while heating up or while in use, which makes it even more discreet than its competition.

Temperatures range from 320° to 415° Fahrenheit by tapping the power button to cycle through the 4 different temp levels, allowing you to find your perfect comfort zone for vaping. The PUFFiT 2 truly allows you to fly under the radar while vaping.

This is just a sample of what is new this month to EZVapes, we have a ton of other new stuff you’ll definitely want to check out so be sure you do! Something you want that we don’t have? Let us know in the comments!

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