February Finale: 3 Vape Winners!

Looks like it’s time to wave goodbye to the month of love, but certainly not before we get some brand spankin’ new vapes in the hands of some lucky winners!

Last week we struck out big time, not a single winner laid claim to their vaporizer prize. No sweat off your back though as now those prizes are both up for grabs again in addition to the grand prize, the Baker vaporizer!

Returning from week one is the PUFFiT X vape. This super discreet vape is the world’s first portable vape that has a tiny fan inside that slowly and comfortably delivers the vapor to you for an outstanding experience each time.

Next up, the Arizer Extreme Q is back for a second shot at finding a new home. The Q has a super sleek and refined dark midnight chrome finish, but it is far from just looks. You can have the vapor delivered to you by either balloon or whip, so you can pick your favorite method or simply mix it up from time to time to keep things fresh. Did I mention it comes with a remote control to easily use all its features? Oh, well yea, it comes with a remote control!

A fine tuned machine by the vaporizer masters at VaporBLUNT.

Finally we have our grand prize for the February giveaways, the Baker by VaporBLUNT. The Baker has done nothing but impress since it first showed up. It heats up insanely fast, can be used with a water tool right out of the box, and can vaporize dry material as well as essential oils and concentrates. Can’t beat that.

There’s only one way to be able to get your hands on one of these great vapes completely free and that’s by joining the EZVapes community here. You’ll instantly become eligible for all our weekly vape giveaways and you’ll also receive our comprehensive vaporizer newsletter with tons of new info, pics and reviews of the latest and greatest to hit the shelves.

This is the FINAL DAY to get 15% off ANY vape pen on the site, so I highly suggest taking a gander at our vast and varied selection and picking one up at a nice discount before it is too late! Just use the coupon code “VAPEPEN” at checkout and watch the savings instantly apply. I’d suggest the Joyetech eGo-C since it just got a nice price break recently so adding on the coupon almost makes it theft.

So that wraps things up for February, but you know what that means… all new giveaways for March! Believe me when I tell you, you will not want to miss next month’s giveaways, we have a line up of vapes that is making me drool even thinking about it. Have a good weekend everyone!

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