Final Countdown: Last 3 October Winners Selected!

Here we are, the 4th and final week of the October giveaways. Already! Time as always is absolutely flying by, so before we get a brand spankin’ new month of giveaways started let’s get these remaining prizes in the hands of some winners!

After a two week drought we finally had some prizes claimed this past week. Congrats to Chris S. from CA for winning and claiming the Atmos Nail and also congrats to Randy W. from MA on snagging the Wispr 2 with sports case! Enjoy those new vapes, I know I would.

You may notice that once again the Incredibowl m420 smoke pipe is still awaiting someone, anyone to claim it. This poor little guy has been giving me sad puppy dog eyes for weeks and each week I have to break the bad news. Yes I know it’s an inanimate object, but I swear it’s true! Anyway, I really hope this is the m420’s week.

Also still gracing us with its presence is the PUFFiT X portable vaporizer. Probably better know as “The Inhaler Vape” at this point, this portable takes discreet to levels you haven’t seen before. Add in that it is the first portable vape to have a forced air function to deliver a super smooth draw and you have a powerhouse on your hands here.

Lastly we have the grand prize for this month’s giveaways, the Atmos Junior vape pen. Don’t let its small exterior fool you, this vape pen is an absolute artist with your waxy concentrates. The dish style coil quickly and efficiently vaporizes within seconds, giving you an awesome option to dab with on the go.

Now would be the time to check your email inbox and pray for that message from us letting you know you are one of the lucky few. Make sure you check any and all folders within your email because the last thing you want is to check your spam folder weeks later when it’s too late!

If you aren’t sure whether or not you are eligible for our giveaways it is super easy to check. Join the EZVapes community here and you will automatically be eligible for our giveaways, as well as receive our weekly newsletter with pics, reviews, coupons, sales and other goodies for you to indulge!

Don’t forget we have two specials going on right now. Using the coupon code “PORT15” at checkout will get you 15% off ANY portable vape and if you purchase the Wispr 2 vape you get the hardshell sport case absolutely FREE. You can even combine these 2 deals by getting 15% off the Wispr 2 and STILL get the case! This is seriously a can’t miss deal.

In just a short while we’ll be kicking off our daily e-juice giveaway on our Facebook page, so keep an eye out over there to get involved. The rules have changed slightly so be sure to read them before jumping in!

So that wraps things up for October, which means you can expect some brand new giveaways to be announced next week, including a new monthly sale! You didn’t think we’d let up now did you? If anything we’re just getting ramped up over here. So what would you want to see in the giveaways next month? Let us know in the comments below and for all your vaporizer needs keep it locked to EZVapes!


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