First Look: SLiKnonSTiK Concentrate Jars

Our buddies at SToK USA have delivered a number of items to the masses that have changed the way we use oil vaporizers, such as the F5 Funnel Cloud cartridge. This, however, may be our new favorite, the SLiKnonSTiK storage jar made specifically for botanical concentrates.

These modular containers stack easily on top of each other and the four colors act as an easy way to sort different materials. Made from FDA food grade silicon with rounded edges, not a corner to speak of, it makes getting every last bit of your material out of the jar as easy as can be. Despite being silicone, these jars are also completely odor proof, no worrying about any smell creeping out.

Barring any type of delay, we should have these jars in by the end of next week April 26th, both sold individually and in 4 packs that come with one of each color and a free SLiK poker/tool.

Photo Credit: @stok0fgenius on Instagram. Give them a follow!

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