First Look: Vapir Rise

Vapir Rise

Vapir has been a leader in vaporizing for quite some time now thanks to their early trailblazing with the Vapir NO2, which still sells at a rapid pace today. Now after a pretty long vacation, Vapir is back to show everyone what’s what with their first table top vaporizer, the Vapir Rise.

Vapir Rise. Say it fast. Vaporize. Get it?! At risk of embarrassing ourselves, we won’t tell you how long it took us to realize that. Moving on, you may look at the Rise vaporizer and see some similarities to other sleek looking table tops out there, like the Arizer Extreme Q, but the Vapir Rise has so much more than good looks to offer.

For starters, the Rise vape adds a HEPA filter to the bottom of the unit, so any air taken in from the outside that would make contact with your vapor is going to be super pure. This is such a simple idea, but this is the first time it has been implemented into a vape. Clean air + vapor = one amazing vaporizing experience.

Sick of passing a whip around with your friends? Well the Vapir Rise quickly turns into a multi-user vape with one simple attachment that comes included. The adapter allows up to four users to all pull from the Rise table top vape at once, another simple yet absolutely amazing addition.

Complimenting the space age look, all the controls are all operated by a touch pad, no buttons to stick or break because you spilled something on them. You can control your vaporizing temperature and the fan speed, allowing you to find the perfect comfort level for you.

The stainless steel design, as well as the vapor path, will give you a super durable vaporizer that also delivers the pure taste of your material. As tough as the Vapir Rise vaporizer is, it is also extremely quiet, with a built in “whisper quiet mechanism” you get a tranquil and peaceful vape session every time. Now you’ll just have to keep your friends quiet as they accuse you of hogging all the vapor from the multi-user attachment.

The whip isn’t all you have at your dispoal, the capability to use balloons comes standard with the Rise and you can even vaporize essential oils and botanical concentrates right out of the box. This makes the new Vapir vaporizer one of the most versatile vaporizers out there.

The Vapir Rise is going to be available in a matter of weeks, slated for a mid-June release, and you can be sure we’ll have a full in depth review once we get our hands on one.

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