First Prometheus Pipe Off The Board

Looks like our luck is changing! After selecting three winners last week we had another person claim their prize, this time the Prometheus Titan pipe.

Congratulations to Beau H. from Indiana on picking up a brand new Prometheus Titan! He seemed as shocked to receive the email as we were to actually get a response, here’s hoping when we continue these drawings that more attentive people like Beau claim their prize!

That means as of the time of this posting, we currently have the micro G Pen, two Prometheus Pocket pipes, and the 4/20 giveaway grand prize, the Plenty vaporizer, all set to be given away this Friday, April 19th. That’s a lot of free stuff. So please, if you haven’t already sign up for our newsletter to become eligible for all our giveaways including this one.

We may still hear back from one of our other winners, but each day we don’t those chances go down significantly. So check back here daily, or hourly if you really love us, because we have some more announcements coming up in addition to the giveaways on Friday and trust us, you don’t want to miss them.


  1. So I would be happy to win anything to help smoke safer:-) Thank You for the opportunity

  2. would love to own one

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