FOUR Vapes Looking For New Homes For The Holidays!

Anyone else still have a Black Friday hang over? Well EZVapes is here to cure that with some awesome giveaways!

Last week we didn’t have any of the winners claim their prize, which means this week is absolutely bursting at the seams with vaporizer giveaways! In total we have FOUR vapes looking for brand new homes for the holidays.

First up is the yet to be released VapeCase iPhone vape! This sturdy and lightweight case for your iPhone 5/5S is so much more than a case. Inside the case is a 4 stage variable voltage battery connected to a 510 threaded port so you can enjoy your favorite vape flavors anywhere you take your phone! If this is a sign of the future I really like where we’re headed with vapes.

Next we have my current go to portable vape for my waxy concentrates, the HELOS vaporizer! This little vape pen has been working wonders for me, the glass globe cartridge gives you a full view of your vapor so you know what to expect, and the variable voltage battery allows me to tune the experience to my exact liking.

New this week is a vape that has been given a king’s treatment, the VaporBLUNT 2.0 Pro Kit! This kit comes with a Seahorse premium brand case that safely stores your VaporBLUNT 2.0, the VB power source, and a free Diamond Grind 4 piece grinder with stainless steel sifting screen and bottom storage to cover all your grinder needs. Seahorse is so confident in the quality of their cases that they even back them with a lifetime guarantee! Can’t beat that folks.

And finally the bonus vape pen giveaway this week is the super tiny wax vape the Atmos Jr! At only about 3.5 inches tall this vape can go pretty much anywhere with you and you won’t be bogged down one slight bit.

See, I definitely was not kidding when I said we’ve got vape giveaways bursting at the seams! So give your email inbox a thorough look see and cross your fingers for that “Important message from EZVapes” letting you know you have won. If you are one of the lucky 4 email us back with where you want it shipped and it’ll be there before you know it!

If you are still finalizing some holiday shopping (I haven’t even started yet. Procrastination level critical.) we have our Holiday Vaporizer Buyer’s Guide to help you find the perfect gift for the vape enthusiast in your life, including yourself!

If you’re new ’round these parts getting in on these giveaways is incredibly easy, simply join the EZVapes community and you are eligible for all of our future vaporizer giveaways. In addition you’ll receive our weekly newsletter that keeps you up to date on what’s going on, has some great pics of products, reviews of new items, and even some unadvertised deals and discounts!

Hopefully we get some of these vapes in new homes before we have to start the island of misfit giveaways! I just got done watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and was wondering what was better, that or A Christmas Story. I honestly can’t make the call. Let us know in the comments what Holiday movie is your absolute favorite!


  1. Jennifer Oertwig says

    OMG, I need schooling to understand all this vaping thing!! I just got my first grinder las t year~ a plastic one at that! I would love to win any of these vapes things to take away the bad karma MMJ smokers face! I’d rather smoke my meds than make big pharma rich & me a pill addict??Damn right!!

  2. Charlene A Wilson says

    I’d love to win a vaporizer. I bought an ATMOS W and it worked once and never after so I bought a new element thinking the coil was burnt and it still wouldn’t work. My warrenty is expired so I’m stuck with a worthless vape

  3. patricia dechane says

    i have yet to find the winners list anywhere!! i receive the newsletter and still i cannot find a list anywhere! where do i find a winners list?????

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