Four, Yes FOUR Giveaways For Week Three!

Due to no one claiming their prize for the past two weeks we now have an entire month’s worth of giveaways going out in one day!

I don’t know what is going on here. We have never had this bad of a drought of winners not claiming their prizes! Whatever it is it needs to come to a stop this week. We are gearing up for a new month of giveaways and we seriously need to make some room here.

Once again, the poor little m420 by Incredibowl still remains the longest standing giveaway to not find its new home. Who wouldn’t want a super smooth portable pipe that can even double as an oil vaporizer?! I don’t know, but I certainly don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want it, hopefully that winner email ends up in an attentive person’s inbox this week!

Next up we have the Atmos Nail vape still in the running, a sleek little vape pen made for all your essential oils and concentrates no matter the consistency. Aside from its amazing performance and small design, the chrome finish on the exterior makes it one of the most attractive vape pens out there.

Also making a return is the world’s first forced air portable vape, the PUFFiT X vaporizer! If you are looking for something super discreet you really don’t need to look any further than the PUFFiT, the manufacturer’s name is even Discreet Vape! Most people won’t even look twice thinking you just need a puff of the old inhaler.

New this week, and probably my favorite of the giveaways, the Wispr 2 vaporizer with hard shell sport case! The Wispr 2 is super portable and refills quickly with butane so you don’t need to worry about any batteries dying or going bad on you. The case is just the cherry on top, being crush proof, odor proof, water proof, basically completely accident proof. For a clumsy person like me a case is a must have and when it is of this quality that is just a plus!

So check your email inbox and BE CAREFUL while checking! Check every last nook and cranny for that email from us letting you know that you are one of the winners. I’m expecting all of these giveaways to be out the door Monday and headed to new homes!

If you aren’t sure whether or not you are eligible for these giveaways you better be safe so you aren’t sorry later! Join the EZVapes community here and you are automatically eligible for all of our future giveaways. You’ll also receive our weekly newsletter with unadvertised deals and coupons and some pics and reviews of what is new in the vape world. If you are already signed up there’s no need to do so again, you’re all set!

Since the powers that be at Facebook deemed our sharing contest against their rules we had to modify things a bit. We still have a new e-juice up for grabs every weekday, but now you only have to LIKE the post and COMMENT afterwards to be eligible. You can of course still share the post if you want, but it is no longer required. So head to our Facebook page because today’s giveaway will be going down shortly.

I see many of you have been taking advantage of the 15% off portable vapes sale, but I know there are some of you out there still waiting in the wings. Your time to act is quickly closing, so get moving and enter the coupon code PORT15 at checkout to instantly get some sweet savings on any portable vape you want.

If you aren’t lucky enough to win the Wispr 2 and case don’t forget that in addition to the 15% off since it is a portable you can also get the hard shell sport case absolutely FREE this month. This deal combined with the coupon is seriously a can’t miss.

Now I seriously better see these prizes claimed this weekend, we need a fresh start for the last week of the October giveaways! Anyone going to any Halloween partys this year? If you do let us know the craziest costumes you see, it’ll be tough to top the human centipede costume I saw last year… Still not mentally over that to be honest. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. You know if the shelves are a little too crowded over there, I would love to help out by taking some of that off your hands 😉

  2. Zac Chrysan says

    I’ll take the puff-it x off your guy’s hands.

  3. I will be Moor than available to claim those prizes, if it goes any longer without being reclaimed.

  4. Jo-Anne Pfoh says

    If nobody claims it I would be happy to take it off your hands my son can really use on

  5. How do we enter, how do we know who wins?

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