Free EZVapes Decal

After sending out countless jars for your reviews, we now want to hook you up with a new giveaway, the all-weather decal. Free to anyone who writes a review of any product on our website that they have personal experience with.

These all-weather decals are strong enough to resist Mother Nature’s worst, but are still easily removable from any surface you stick them on. Display it proudly on your car, throw it on your guitar, plant it on the fridge, no matter where you put it you will not have to worry about it becoming permanent unless you want it to.

Just choose a product on our site that you own or have used before and let us know what you think, even if you didn’t buy it from us.

Here is how to submit your review and get the decal:

  1. Go to a product page on that you would like to write a review for.
  2. Click “Write Review” in the upper right of the page.
  3. Give the product a rating between 1-5 stars.
  4. Enter the randomly generated code so that we know you aren’t a machine or an alien.
  5. Fill in your name (you may leave it “Anonymous” if you prefer) then a valid email (will not be displayed) and add a title. Once you’ve written your review press the “Submit Review” button and you’re done.

As long as you use a valid email address you will hear from us shortly after you submit your review asking where you want your free EZVapes sticker sent! It’s a great way to share your experience with others who might need some advice and bank some free stuff at the same time.

To get more chances to win free stuff while putting forth little to no effort, hop on board our email newsletter and get a chance to win fresh new vaporizer gear every few weeks!

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