Game Changer: Incredibowl m420 Angled Glass Bowl

Incredibowl m420 Angled Glass Bowl

There were never many complaints when you first got your hands on the Incredibowl’s amazing portable smoke pipe, the m420. In fact, there was only one issue, having trouble seeing what you are lighting since the bowl was facing away from you. Well do we have some good news for you…

The Incredibowl 90° Angled Glass Bowl has finally arrived and it is making one of the best products on the market even better. The thick cut, hand blown glass will not break easily and the bowl not being entirely covered by the Bowl Armor allows you to easily slide it in and out when you need to clean it.

You may be thinking the m420 is already an amazing product, which you would be right, but if you pick up one of these angled bowls you will notice a world of difference.

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