Get Incredible Deals On All Vape Pens Through August!

Vaporizer Sale Pen

There is no question that vape pens have taken off in popularity. Not only are they affordable, but they offer a level of portability that is hard to match. Well we’re serving up some great deals that are sure to give you that extra incentive you need to find your brand new little vape pen buddy.

All month long you can get 15% off any vape pen. Maybe you’ve been eying the super popular G Pen vape because you love its dependability and slim, sleek design. Or maybe the SToK Gold pen with one of the best carts available, the F5 Funnel Cloud, is more your style. Either way, you can save big.

After picking out your favorite pen vaporizer punch in the coupon code “VPEN” when you are checking out, hit update cart, and then bask in the glory as the 15% off savings are applied.

Even better, if you win one of our e-juice Facebook giveaways then this sale is the last piece of the puzzle to start enjoying your favorite flavors on the go. I know I personally have not been able to put my Joyetech eCab down since I picked it up. I’ve even started to become a master mixologist with the e-juice, mixing flavors to create my own and enjoy with my eCab.

You know I’m loving my eCab, but what do you have your eye on?

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