Get A Vape For The New Year At 15% Off!

As we wave goodbye to 2013 we here at EZVapes believe everyone needs themselves a brand new vape to ring in 2014! Not only that, but we want to help you get it at a sweet discount!

From now through the end of the month of January you can get 15% off ANY vaporizer sitewide! From new vapes just in like the iPhone VapeCase vape and the Dube XS pen vape or the classics like the Zephyr Ion and the Vapman portable vaporizer, all are covered.

Want a few suggestions? I thought you’d never ask…

Looking for a great portable for dry material at a good price? The VaporBLUNT vaporizer is easy to use and super efficient.

Need something as a main stay for home? The Rise by Vapir is insanely versatile and uses a HEPA filter system to deliver some of the cleanest vapor imagineable.

Want to get a new vape pen for your e-juice? The Kanger EVOD has two pens right out of the box and the mess free set up is a major plus.

Trying to tackle those waxy concentrates? The HELOS Deluxe Kit by eDab has cemented itself as one of the best wax vaporizers available right now.

There are of course many more options, but those are a few I personally feel strongly about. To take advantage of this great deal simply enter the coupon code “2014” at checkout and you will receive 15% off the vape, or vapes, of your choice!

You have all month long, but you know how fast time flies by so make sure you take advantage of this deal early and as often as you like. Oh and of course feel free to forward this deal over to your friends and family!

Happy new year everyone!

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