Giveaway Spotlight: Joyetech eCab Starter Kit

Joyetech eCab Starter Kit

As we wrap up our crazy 8 weeks of vape pen giveaways this afternoon, we wanted to take a second to show you just how awesome the grand prize going out this week really is.

There are tons and we mean tons of vape pens out there at this point. It’s often hard to keep track with so many already released and a new one coming out almost every week. Well Joyetech are the ones who started it all and nearly perfected the craft since then.

The eCab vape pen is a shining example of just how good of a product Joyetech can release. This small portable pen is made for e-juice/e-liquid and makes loading it, hitting the road and enjoying your favorite flavors super easy and enjoyable.

Starting with looks alone the eCab impresses. Slimmer than their other vape pens, such as the eGo-C, this pen is for someone who wants the ultimate in portability. Both the black and silver eCabs have a super sleek gold trim that is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to sacrifice anything in the style department.

The eCab can be quickly loaded with your e-juice of choice.

The eCab can be quickly loaded with your e-juice of choice.

The eCab vape boasts Joyetech’s innovative changeable atomizer head design so that you aren’t ponying up big bucks on new cartridges every time an atomizer burns out on you. Taking that idea further, the batteries are also changeable so you can always have a fresh battery waiting so you can continue vaping uninterrupted.

Holding the power button for just a few seconds gives you nice and thick puffs of flavorful vapor from your e-juice. Each battery you use with the eCab can last through days of casual vaporizing and if you are one who is constantly using it, the changeable battery system is going to put a huge smile on your face.

Your eCab starter kit comes with 3 empty tank cartridges right out of the box, all with clear caps so you can load different flavors up, throw the cap on and switch them at will. Their tanks are also cleverly designed to strongly resist leaking, a problem a number of other pens are plagued with.

We’ll be giving away one of these awesome devices today, so if you haven’t already make sure you are signed up for our newsletter to become eligible. If you don’t win a little birdie told me you can get 15% off any Joyetech product by using the coupon code “JOY15” at checkout. Just what I heard 😉

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