Greeting The May Flowers With Herb Vape Giveaways!

These giveaways have come to a close, but check out our summer vape pen giveaways!

Summer is almost here! To help you gear up for the best season of them all we’re giving out the best of the best every week in May!

Like they say, April showers bring May flowers and what better way to greet the flowers than with an awesome dry herb vape for free?! We just wrapped up last month’s giveaways with a clean sweep of winners claiming their prizes and we expect nothing less this month.

Each Friday you will have a shot at winning a new vaporizer specifically designed for use with dry material, here’s the rundown of what is going up for grabs when:

Like I said, the best of the best. Better yet, there are five Fridays in May so that means five chances to win! We’ve given away a ton of vape pens for e-juice and essential oils and concentrates recently, but we want you to know we didn’t forget about those dry herb vapes!

Week one kicks off with the super slim and portable Dube XS vape pen. White Rhino redesigned the Dube to specifically perform better with dry material and the hard work paid off. This is hands down my go to when looking for a pen for dry material and I’ve been loving it.

Big brother and little brother: VB 1 and VB2!

Big brother and little brother: VB 1 and VB2!

For week two we kick things up to the super popular and customer favorite VaporBLUNT vaporizer. Definitely not pen size, but the VB is a nice portable size for around the house/yard and works flat out amazing. The one button operation and stir tool cap make the VB as convenient as possible to enjoy.

Next up in the middle week three we are giving away the VB’s big brother the VaporBLUNT 2! Everything that made the original VB a hit is back and then some. You now have 5 heat levels to choose from, it can vaporize your essential oils and concentrates as well as dry material, and the new basket screen design is super easy to clean.

Week four we have the popular Lotus vaporizer with a new look, the Lotus J-Hook Kit. This kit takes the popular “Lotus” cap and adds it to the water tool adapter which connects to a custom glass pipe to enjoy the Lotus vape the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

To cap things off on the fifth week we have a vape you may remember from a few months back, the Baker by VaporBLUNT. The Baker has without a doubt become my favorite vape to use at home. It heats up super quick, it has one of the most efficient heaters I have encountered (think Plenty vape and Volcano), and you can hook it directly into a water tool right out of the box, which I of course did. It is just a vape that everyone should own in my opinion.


The grand prize Baker Vaporizer!

Not only are we spotlighting herb vapes in our giveaways this month but we are also giving you 15% off ALL herb vapes on the site*! In addition to all the vapes we are giving away, you can get 15% off some really awesome vapes like the Magic Flight Launch Box or Arizer Solo! We have a ton of vapes for herbs on our site so feel free to use the coupon as early and as often as you like.

If you aren’t already eligible for our giveaways you should seriously get on that! Simply join the EZVapes community here, sit back, relax, and cross your fingers that you win. You will also get our weekly newsletter on Fridays recapping what went down in the vape community over the past week with pics, reviews, articles and more.

We want to hear from you on what you’d liek to see in the giveaways, what new products you have your eye on and of course if you need any suggestions on a vape, so be sure to connect with us on FacebookInstagram, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter. We love communicating with all of you on a daily basis!

So you ready for another exciting month of giveaways?! We know we are here at EZVapes. Anyone have any planned vacations for the summer coming up? Let us know in the comments and good luck this month everyone!

*Few exceptions apply


  1. Greg porras says

    Being a disabled vet having a vaporizer for dry meds would really make life better.

  2. James kutscher says

    Looks Flippin sweeeeeet

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