August Giveaways Halfway Point: Two Winners Picked!

We are officially halfway through the August giveaways and boy do we have some awesome prizes going out today!

Despite having two winners claim their prizes last week this poor little Atmos Thermo W is still waiting for someone, anyone to take it home! The Thermo W may be small, but it is one of the best portable oil vaporizers available thanks to its super efficient waxy atomizer.

The new guy this week is a prize I know everyone has had their eye on, the Magical Butter 2. The MB2 makes the normally tedious task of creating herbal compounds as easy as can be. With the Magical Butter version 2 you are literally a couple button presses away from making herbal butters, compounds and tinctures. I personally have been dying to get my hands on one of these awesome machines, so whoever wins just know I am very jealous.

Both of these prizes have had random winners drawn and those winners now have an email in their inbox letting them know they’ve won. You know what that means, go check your email you used to join our weekly newsletter and see if you have that message from us waiting for you. If you have yet to join us in the EZVapes community it is long overdue, get involved here, to become eligible for the giveaways.

Whether you won or not you can still get an awesome deal on the vape pen of your choice by using the coupon code “VPEN” at checkout. This code gets you an instant 15% off discount on any vaporizer pen, you can’t beat that. My suggestion this week would be the Disposable Waxy Pen by White Rhino, a cheap and easy way to try out oil vaporizing for the first time.

Since we missed the daily giveaway yesterday (whoops) we will have 2 e-juice winners being selected today. With giveaways every day on our Facebook page your chances are already great to win something, but today they are even better. I just tried some of the new NicQuid e-juice flavors we got in and let me tell you, they are seriously stepping their game up.

The Magical Butter definitely allows you to run wild with your imagination, so whoever wins it we want to hear what the first thing you make is! I wouldn’t even know where to start! Don’t forget we have two mystery prizes coming up in the coming weeks. Expect an announcement early next week on what the first mystery prize will be, what would you like the mystery prizes to be? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. the magical butter look very good,i lovely win this bomb,

    i would both like to use it for my backache because I’m Tiler,thx so much for the contest

  2. Dave Thompson says

    i would love the vaporizer

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