The Heat Is On: Vape Pen Summer Giveaways!

Summer is finally here and that means it is time to kick back, relax, lay by the pool and hit the beach. All amazing activities on their own, but throw in a brand new vape pen and now you are really kicking off the summer in style!

Each Friday in June we have THREE brand new vape pens being drawn to random winners, with at least one being for e-juice and one being for essential oils and concentrates! We’re covering all the bases with vape pens, here is what will be up for grabs and when:

That is a grand total of TWELVE chances to win a new vape pen to accompany you on your summer adventures! The chances have never been more in your favor than this month and it is coming when we are giving out the best of the best in the vape pen game. Perfect timing.

The Kanger EVOD next to the Atmos Junior in the new pink camo color!

The Kanger EVOD next to the Atmos Junior in the new pink camo color!

We start it off week one with a double giveaway of everyone’s favorite little wax pen, the Atmos Junior. The Junior is the little brother of the Atmos RAW, measuring in at nearly half the size and was designed to be used specifically with wax. It comes in a wide range of colors including the new camo and pink camo colors that just arrived.

Joining the Atmos Junior in week one is one of the best kits to get yourself started vaping e-juice, the Kanger EVOD. Although it is only one kit it can almost count as a double giveaway since you get TWO pens right out of the box. Give one to a friend, load up two pens and hit the road, the choice is yours.

The brand spankin' new Atmos Thermo DW!

The brand spankin’ new Atmos Thermo DW!

Week two’s double giveaway is the slim and reliable Liquid Mini by White Rhino. This vape pen for e-juice comes in a wide range of vibrant colors and the slimmed down design makes it one of the most pocket friendly vape pen options out there right now.

Also going out during week 2 will be a new arrival from Atmos, the Thermo DW. This vape pen takes the original Atmos Thermo design and improves it with a new ceramic cartridge design perfect for waxy concentrates. By using a cartridge instead of a coil you can even use flowers if the mood strikes you right.

Things get kicked up a notch for week three as we give away two HELOS Deluxe kits by the wax masters eDab. The HELOS Deluxe has proven to be one of the best pens out there for essential oils and concentrates with its innovative eNail coil that rests just under the mouthpiece inside the glass globe for monster pulls.

Joining the HELOS Deluxe is a real jack of all trades, the Dube 2 18kt Gold Edition! Probably Scarface’s vape of choice, the Dube2 is decked out in a beautiful gold design and comes with a total of four wax/flower cartridges and an additional e-juice cartridge so you have all your bases covered.

In our fourth and final week we begin with a double giveaway of another new Atmos product called simply the Ole. The Atmos Ole is a slender vape pen for e-juice that comes in your choice of color and a matching lanyard that makes taking the Ole with you wherever you go as easy as can be.

Capping things off we have another double giveaway in disguise, the HELOS Mini Double Kit! Take everything you love about the HELOS Deluxe, shrink it down and double it and you’ve got the HELOS Mini. You get two mini vape pens right out the box, each with their own unique atomizer and two extra for a total of four atomizers right out of the box!

To become eligible for these wonderful vape pen giveaways each week all you have to do is join the ever-growing EZVapes community. In addition to being eligible to win the giveaways you’ll receive our comprehensive newsletter with pictures, reviews, new product overviews, and even some unadvertised deals and discounts that you won’t get anywhere else!

Whether you win or not the good news doesn’t end there. All through June we are giving you 15% off ALL vape pens on the site! That means all the pens listed here as well as any other pen can be snagged at a nice discount. Honestly if you don’t have a vape pen, summer is the absolute best time to pick one up. Trust me.

Use the coupon code “SALE15” when checking out and watch as any vape pen in your cart sheds 15% off, making both you AND your wallet happy campers. Even better, until Friday June 6th this coupon code gives you 15% OFF SITE WIDE! So take advantage of it now before the site wide deal ends!

Need a suggestion on which vape pen will best suit your needs? We are full of suggestions, so be sure to connect with us on FacebookInstagram, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter and let us know what you need in your new vape pen and we’ll give you instant feedback. Or you can just drop in and say hi, we don’t mind one bit!

It’s going to be an awesome summer for sure and the giveaways each week are going to keep things interesting and exciting. Any big summer trips planned this year? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. My hubby & I are going to Sonoma, CA next month. He’s never been to California before so looking forward that!

  2. I’d love to sign up to win but my address immediately says “too many attempts by this address. Try again in 5 minutes.” Even after 5-10 minutes.

  3. fishymike says

    Summer time kicking it and vapeing what else can make this better well how about a fresh new vaporizer to break in it just doesn’t get much better than that. Good luck to everybody!!!! .And please all you guys at the FDA. Chill out with the regs and let the vapers. And soon to be vapers have a chance to chose not to smoke cigarettes and vape I understand that it is not for everybody and there is always going to be a complainer in every group but please don’t let big tobacco push you around they don’t want to lose they might try to bribe you threaten you. But if you take away vaping the big loser will be greater than you can imaginen how many children will be by themselves because mom or dad smoked cigarettes and got cancer because the FDA took away the choice to vape or smoking cigarettes away. I mean vaper is not pure but it’s alot better than smoke burning paper and tobacco. Of course “KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN “And don’t sell to “MINORS” it’s an adult thing so is beer and gambling!!!!but yorr regs regarding e juice flavors, and licensing, cloud chasing or mods your going to close businesses like this one because of big costs small start ups can’t afford . Sorry for rambling on but it chaps my hide to think this is the land of the free and they want to force there regs on us don’t let big tobacco win. Keep on vaping strong see you in the clouds. Thanks

  4. I love that the Atmos Ole has a lanyard! Never would have thought twice about it before, but last weekend I was in an outdoors wedding. Considering I was wearing a dress (no pockets, etc), a lanyard would have been a lifesaver!

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