HELOS Deluxe Kit Vaporizer Review

eDab HELOS Deluxe Kit

The HELOS wax vaporizer seemingly came out of nowhere. Didn’t really see much or hear much before it landed at our doorstep. Now that I was able to give one a go for about a week I wanted to weight in with my thoughts.

As the saying goes, “First impressions are everything.” and the HELOS leaves one helluva good first impression. The outside of the box has this awesome honeycomb design with a vibrant HELOS logo smacked on top, a definite eye catcher for sure. Box design is of course low on the scale of things determining whether you should pick up a vape, but eDab going the extra mile to separate itself here should be noted.

When you open the box up you will see the eDab battery and the HELOS glass globe cartridge nestled nicely next to each other. Lift the tray and you are met with another box containing a barrage of parts and accessories that will make your eyes water with joy. Out of the box you get:

  • Original HELOS Glass Globe Cartridge with eNail
  • eDab 650mAh Variable Voltage “Spin” Battery
  • 2 Replacement eNails
  • Wireless USB Charger
  • Car Charger Adapter
  • Wall Charger Adapter
  • Matching HELOS Logo Lanyard
  • Essential Oil Tool (Dabber)

Excuse me while I catch my breath. That is a whole lot right out of the box. I can’t tell you how many vape pens out there are just throwing one simple USB charger and an instruction manual in the box and calling it a day. With the HELOS vape you have everything you could possibly need and more from the get go, no extra expenses.

The HELOS eNails quickly unscrew from the base so you can swap them in and out with ease.

The HELOS was designed specifically to take your waxy material and absolutely dominate it. The eNail itself has a wick with a nice, long coil wrapped tightly around it. Your waxy material is dabbed directly onto the coil very easily since the borosilicate glass globe slides right off so you can access the eNail without a big production. This is where a lot of wax vapes fall short, they routinely make it an adventure to reach the coil with your dabber while the HELOS just opens up and welcomes your dabs with open arms.

Each eNail holds enough for 2-3 pulls per dab, which is pretty standard as far as most wax pens go. I found that the eNails could be loaded and then thrown into a non-stick container like the Oil Slick Stacks for example, so you can just quickly swap a new one on.

Moving on to what powers the HELOS; the eDab 650mAh “spin” battery. This 510 threaded variable voltage battery allows you to adjust voltage anywhere from 3.2V to 4.8V with a quick spin of the bottom dial on the battery. It’s really great having this ability to truly tune the experience exactly to your liking instead of having to time how long you hold a power button and hope for the best.

The eDab "spin" battery adjusts anywhere from 3.2V to 4.8V for ultimate control.

The eDab “spin” battery adjusts anywhere from 3.2V to 4.8V for ultimate control.

Also in line with tuning your experience to your liking is that the glass globe gives you a full view of your vapor, so you know exactly when to pull with no surprises. The mouthpiece right above the eNail even has a screen so you can still get some really good pulls and not have to worry about any unwanted material flying through the mouthpiece into your mouth. Conversely though the glass globe can be a bit bulky in your pocket and I was concerned I might break, though I never did.

The HELOS comes in 4 colors at this time: black, blue, red and pink. The lanyard that comes with the HELOS matches whichever color you choose which is a really nice touch, but also the quality of the lanyard is outstanding. Most pen lanyards have this low quality little ring made of some cheap metal that just rests between the battery and the cartridge. The HELOS lanyard has a thick aluminum clip that contours the power button and really looks nice. No more having to worry about that flimsy little metal ring breaking and your pen going bye bye without you even noticing.

What good would your shiny new eDab spin battery be without the charger? Luckily the HELOS comes with a 3 piece charging kit that covers you no matter where you are. At home? Use the USB charger on your computer or the wall adapter anywhere in the house. On the road? Plug the included car charger adapter in to charge your HELOS on the go. It’s really great not having to worry about when I’ll be home at my computer again to charge my pen.

All three cartridges from eDab (left to right): HELOS-X, eDab Stealth, HELOS Globe

All three cartridges from eDab (left to right): HELOS-X, eDab Stealth, HELOS Globe

Also the battery lasts a really long time through one full charge, right around 6 hours of continuous use and only taking about 4 hours to reach a full charge. It also sports the industry standard 5 click lock/unlock system so you don’t accidentally start vaping in your pocket and wasting material.

I also really like the flat head mini dabber or “essential oil tool” that is included. It is nice and small so it is easy to take with you and the flat head on it gives you plenty of room to get a nice proper dab onto it. It isn’t the greatest dabber out there and I’ll definitely stick with mine I already have, but a nice free option.

But how does the HELOS perform? The ceramic dish allows your waxy material to burn clean right off of the coil, leaving no material behind wasted. I was a little careless when I first used it and burnt out one of the eNails pretty quickly, but luckily I already had 2 more as backups which was great. So if I get too careless and burn one out I can just swap another on without a care in the world.

Load some eNails and throw them in a non-stick container for later.

Load some eNails and throw them in a non-stick container for later.

I found that I got the best results when I had the spin battery set to around 4V or just under, but you are going to want to start at 3.2V and work your way up to find your sweet spot. When holding the power button it is best to kind of pump it rather than just hold it down. Basically a few second intervals until you see your desired amount of vapor in the globe. Make sure not to pull too hard, a powerful draw is definitely not required with the HELOS. When you stop seeing vapor form that means it’s time to place another dab on the coil and continue.

Top to bottom the HELOS vaporizer has really taken me by surprise. If you have been wasting your time wading through pen after pen and cartridge after cartridge trying to find something to vape your waxy material to your expectations you seriously need to stop wasting time and pick up the HELOS Deluxe Kit. I promise you will not regret it.

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