HELOS Mini Double Kit Vaporizer Review

I must say, we are really living in a great time. There are a ton of new vapes hitting the market each month and most of them are very worth your time. Is eDab’s latest offering, the HELOS Mini worth your time and hard earned cash? Let’s find out.

Not too long ago eDab introduced us to the HELOS Deluxe Kit that really seemed to impress across the board. I personally loved how it was packed with tons of replacement parts and accessories, but the real show stopper was the eNail and variable voltage battery.

As with their first offering, eDab has delivered a product that instantly gives a great first impression. The packaging is really sleek and can really ensure a feeling of quality, this isn’t some generic cardboard box, in other words. Very impressive.

When you open up the box you are met with your two brand new vape pens in all their glory. It comes in one of two colors; a sleek Black and what is called “Vapor Grey” which is a light grey/off white color that I really like. Close to white, but not enough where it will get covered in fingerprints/marks, or so it looks like anyway.

Get your HELOS Mini in either Vapor Grey or the sleek Black color.

Get your HELOS Mini in either Vapor Grey or the sleek Black color.

Obviously the first thing that catches your attention is how the glass globe cartridge design has been adapted to the mini style battery. I was kind of expecting the globe to make it less portable and travel friendly, but it really didn’t bother me when in my pocket.

Also in the box were two replacement eNail coils, one of each design (more on that in a bit), micro USB charging cord, and USB wall adapter for the charger. So not as much as you get in the HELOS Deluxe kit, but you also get two full vape pens, so it is a fair trade off in my opinion.

So about the two different eNails.  They both have ceramic dishes, but each is loaded a little differently. You have the open ceramic eNail that you can dab directly onto the coil really easily, very similar to the HELOS Deluxe. The other eNail has a stainless steel funnel design that also helps you dab directly onto the coil, but the funnel design makes it so you can almost scrape it off onto the coil. The funnel even has the coil placed lower to the bottom of the ceramic, that way no material gets wasted.

The power button sports the patented HELOS “E” logo on it and when you press the button down the light behind the E logo glows a fiery orange color, really making it match the logo on the box. It’s a small addition, but it is nice to see someone using something other than just the standard blue or white color.

The soft glow of the HELOS Mini hard at work.

The soft glow of the HELOS Mini hard at work.

After loading up the HELOS Mini and getting to give it a go for a session I was super impressed. eDab chose to stick with a shorter eNail like they did with their HELOS-X cartridge and I have to say I prefer it to the taller nail.

I got about 2-4 pulls out of a small amount of material each time and the coil in the eNail didn’t leave a drop behind. At the end of the session I had pretty much nothing left, no having to sit there and pout at all the material collected under the coil like with some other atomizers.

Both eNails seemed to work the same as far as efficiency, so like I mentioned before it really is just a preference thing that will be different for each user. Once again having some backups out of the box was very welcome and came in handy eventually as always.

Although you can’t adjust the voltage like you could with the HELOS Deluxe I still found that the Mini was tuned to a nice voltage and I haven’t found the vapor too harsh or lacking in quantity. Quite the opposite actually, I was a bit aggressive with some pulls and adjusted accordingly by pumping the power button a bit instead of holding it steady.

The micro USB charging port is the same that most smart phones use today.

The micro USB charging port is the same that most smart phones use today.

The HELOS Mini really offers the performance you are used to from a full size pen, but in this much smaller package. Until now I have always felt like I’ve been sacrificing in the quality area for a smaller pen, so it is refreshing to have this great experience with a smaller pen.

The battery lasts through about 6 hours on a full charge and takes about 7-8 hours to again reach a full charge. I haven’t had the battery die on me yet with normal use, but I’ve also been putting it on the charger after a few uses each time to play it safe.

A simple tip for those who are like me aka lazy, take advantage of having two pens! I loaded both up and used them back to back instead of having to reload the same one. If you don’t give your extra pen to friend/family member then I suggest you use the same tactic.

Big brother HELOS and little brother HELOS Mini.

Big brother HELOS and little brother HELOS Mini.

I guess my only complaint would be the lack of variable voltage. I feel like I’ve been a tad spoiled with the HELOS Deluxe’s “Spin” battery. Like I mentioned above, you can adjust by pumping the power button, but I still enjoy adjusting the voltage at my discretion at any time.

In the end it looks like eDab has delivered another top quality product. Great looks, great design, super portable, glass globe cartridge, dual eNail designs, everything with the HELOS Mini comes together harmoniously to give you a great wax/oil vaporizing experience.

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