Holiday Buyer’s Guide: Smoke Pipes

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What better to stuff your friend’s and loved one’s stockings with than a nice portable tobacco pipe? These tiny pipes will help the receiver keep warm during those long winter months and gives the giver some serious pull in the who topped who with holiday gifts argument.

We’re going to take a look at the hottest portable tobacco pipes available right now, including some that will probably go faster than “Tickle Me Elmo” did back in 1996, so don’t procrastinate.

Incredibowl m420

The Incredibowl m420, or Incredibowl Mini, has been hands down the fastest selling and most popular pipe for over a year now with no signs of it slowing down. This tobacco pipe is completely pocket size and its aluminum “BowlArmor” design makes sure it protects the precious glass bowl inside.

If you have a friend who is considered a bit of a clumsy person this pipe is absolutely perfect. Not only will the BowlArmor protect the glass bowl, but the polycarbonate expansion tube is nearly indestructible. You’ll definitely be in very good graces with the lucky person you buy the Incredibowl m420 for.

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Incredibowl i420

The big brother of the Incredibowl m420, the Incredibowl i420 is for those who want a more intense experience and don’t have portability at the top of their priority list. The i420 works exactly the same as the m420, but comes in at nearly double the size, giving you ample room for larger pulls.

This pipe is definitely for the adventurous to begin with, but throw in the huge 20″ expansion tube and you have a set up that any tobacco pipe enthusiast is going to want. It also comes in a deluxe model with a hard shell carrying case with custom cut foam to hold the i420, two bowls, and a small container with extra screens and o-rings, giving you everything you need to keep the i420 working like new.

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Fumo Pipe

The Fumo Pipe is pretty similar to the Incredibowl m420, but with a few minor changes that make it more appealing to some. The billet aluminum design is incredibly durable and acts as a heat sink to cool the smoke before inhalation. You can even throw it in the freezer for a short time to make it extra cool and enhance your experience even more.

Some prefer how the Fumo Pipe has both a push button carb system on top and the bowl located right next to it, as opposed to the bowl being at the end of the m420 where it is hard to see what you are lighting. The Fumo Pipe is perfect for that person who is often on the go and needs something that can easily be used in a matter of seconds. And for those flashy people out there you can check out the Fumo Pipe Bling Series decked out in genuine Swarovski crystals.

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  • Size: About 4″ long
  • Bowl Type: Zinc Alloy
  • Build: Zinc Alloy

Coming off the successful release of the original Journey Pipe, the Journey2 has some minor changes that are sure to please new fans and old fans alike, such as improved magnets and a much better case. The Journey Pipe is made of a durable zinc alloy that makes the smoking experience a smooth one and also makes it extremely easy to clean.

Each piece of the Journey2 Pipe is held together magnetically, so you can quickly and easily take it apart to clean. Since it is all zinc alloy and there is no bowl or screen you can simply wipe each piece down and you are all done. This pipe is absolutely perfect for the person who never cleans their piece and eventually lets it become unusable. Even the most lazy creature you know has no excuse not to clean the Journey Pipe.

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Monkey Pipe

  • Size: About 2″ long
  • Bowl Type: Aluminum
  • Build: Wooden with aluminum parts

Need something super portable? The Monkey Pipe has got you covered. The top swivels around to form a mouthpiece and reveal the bowl, but when closed the Monkey Pipe is tiny enough to fit in even the smallest of pockets. The way it swivels also gives it the ability to be thrown right onto your key chain or even a necklace.

The small aluminum trench that the smoke travels through cools it on the way, so despite its very small size it still delivers a great portable smoking experience. With such a low price, the Monkey Pipe is great as a complimentary portable pipe for your tobacco pipe you might have at home that isn’t quite as portable.

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These are just a handful of tobacco pipes, take a peek at our full line of smoke pipes to see if anything fits your needs better and of course if you have any questions don’t hesitate to call us or send us an email through our contact form. Happy shopping!

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