Holiday Vaporizer Buyer’s Guide 2013

Options, options, options. There certainly are a TON of products out there to cover your vaporizing needs, how can you possibly sift through it all? Well EZVapes is here to help you with that. We’ve put together a list of some of the noteworthy products out now that just might be the perfect gift for someone you know, including yourself!


Under $100: VaporBLUNT Vaporizer
The VaporBLUNT is one of the best “bang for your buck” vapes out there. With a new iteration of the VB being released the original model has seen a substantial price cut, but the quality of this portable vaporizer remains top notch. This vape comes packed with awesome features: easy one button operation, lithium-ion rechargeable battery, and stir tool cap to name just a few. This vape is absolutely perfect for a first time vape or for something portable to use around the house.

Cutting Edge: Pinnacle Pro by VaporBLUNT
The Pinnacle Pro is the newest vape by the mad scientists over at VaporBLUNT and quite possibly their best. The Pinnacle Pro is only about 5 inches long and more than comfortably fits right in your pocket. Despite its size it still utilizes a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that manages your temperature and makes sure there is no combustion to speak of. Even better, the Pinnacle now allows you to vaporize herbs, oils and concentrates, making it the perfect little vape for someone constantly on the run who likes to keep their options open.

Awesome Deal: VaporBLUNT 2.0 Pro Kit
Another dandy from the busy boys at VB is the VaporBLUNT 2.0 vaporizer. They took their flagship vape and improved it across the board shrinking it in size, adding 5 different heat levels as well as the ability to vape herbs, oils or concentrates. The super tough hard shell case comes FREE with the VB2 and keeps your new vape protected with impact resistant custom foam on the inside that gently cradles you VB 2.0, the charger and an included Diamond Grind 4 piece anodized aluminum grinder.

Can’t Go Wrong: Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizer
If you have ever considered purchasing a portable vape it is a safe bet you have run across the Solo in your travels and for good reason. Using glass mouthpieces with herb chambers on the end you get some of the largest and smoothest vapor clouds imaginable, something you usually only see from larger and more powerful table top vapes. If you are looking for a portable vape that sacrifices absolutely nothing in quality for portability the Arizer Solo is what you have been searching for!


Under $100: RAW Vape
You’ve heard of their rolling papers, now try their vape! Box style vaporizers have long been a go to for an affordable and enjoyable vaporizer for home use, but the Raw (not to be confused with the Atmos pen) adds in a replaceable ceramic heating element and glass cover that unscrews right out of the vape quickly and easily if it needs replacing. Coming in under $100 makes this vape an absolute steal for anyone who wants a vape that is reliable, easy to use, and won’t let you down.

Cutting Edge: Vapir Rise Vaporizer
Released just a short time ago, the Rise by Vapir offers the full package for all of your vaporizer needs. Vape herbs, oils or concentrates using either the vapor balloon or whip all in a cutting edge package with touch controls. Have a friend who is always picking up the latest tech upon release? The Vapir Rise will make their eyes water.

Can’t Go Wrong: Plenty Vape
Sometimes you just need that can’t miss product where you know you’re getting the best of the best of the best. The team you turn to in this situation is Storz & Bickel, creators of the Volcano vaporizer and now the Plenty. The Plenty is a hand held vape that uses one of the most efficient heaters ever created, giving you huge vapor clouds for hours without having to repack!


HELOS Deluxe Kit: The HELOS wax vaporizer utilizes an eNail surrounded by a glass globe to allow you to enjoy nice huge dabs at home or on the go. The deluxe kit has an eye-popping amount of parts and accessories included right out of the box, giving you the complete package for your waxy vape needs. Have you heard a friend complain about having to leave their dab rig behind? The HELOS by eDab is the perfect solution.

Cloud Pen: The Cloud Pen has a super small and slim design that makes taking it anywhere with you a breeze, especially since it charges on any micro USB cord, same as on most mobile devices. Fitting in most small pants pockets, the Cloud can be easily stashed on your person and accessed for waxy dabs in seconds. Works great at home of course, but the Cloud Pen was truly made for those who need a wax vape that can be used in any situation.

Dube XS Pen: If it is a thin vape pen you need the Dube XS is tough to beat. About as thin as a pencil, the Dube XS is perfect to load with a small amount of material for you to vape at a moment’s notice. With a quick press of the power button you will have thick vapor clouds at your disposal in seconds.


Kanger EVOD Starter Set: There are many products out there that throw “starter set” on there, but Kanger truly designed a set that is the perfect introduction to vaping e-juice. If you or anyone you know has been thinking “What’s this whole e-juice thing about?” then the Kanger EVOD is PERFECT. The EVOD is great for beginners but will satisfy seasoned vape vets as well. Two vape pens in one pack and 5 replacement coils for any growing pains. Can’t beat that.

Joyetech eGo-C Starter Set: Joyetech invented the vape pen style you are familiar with today, that speaks volumes as to the quality you receive. Joyetech is known for their stylish design, mess free cartridges, and overall top quality. If you or a friend need the Cadillac of e-juice pens, the eGo-C is an option you can’t pass by. Add to that the fact that you can add on any 510 threaded cart and this vape pen is a contender to be reckoned with.

White Rhino Liquid Mini Pen: If a standard sized vape pen is just a little too big for you White Rhino had you in mind with the Liquid Mini. At about 5″ tall and a quarter inch thick the Liquid Mini is barely even noticeable when resting in your pocket. Hands down one of the slimmest vape pens out there, you can even swap other compatible 510 threaded carts on there if you need to switch up your material.


HELOS-X Set: eDab strikes again with their stand alone cartridge the HELOS-X. The shorter eNail inside the glass globe allows for additional diffusion of the vapor for some incredibly smooth wax dab vapor puffs. You even get two additional eNails in the set to keep you going for months.

eDab Stealth Cartridge: Glass globe a little too revealing? As the name implies, the Stealth eSkillet Wax Cartridge offers the appearance of a typical vape pen, but inside contains a large “eSkillet” dish to dab directly on to. The coils are not only super efficient and long lasting, but also easily replaceable so you don’t have to replace the entire cartridge.

F5 Funnel Cloud: Whether you have a 510 or a 710 battery the F5 is an amazing option to vaporize waxy concentrates. The funnel design essentially cuts out any wasted material that would normally go by the wayside if you aren’t careful when loading your dabs. Definitely a cartridge for someone who has been pulling their hair out dealing with other similar cartridges that just don’t get the job done.

Kanger Pro Tank 2 and Mini Pro Tank 2: Kanger doesn’t just deliver for those newbies to the e-juice game. The Pro Tank 2 and Mini Pro Tank 2 have a completely replaceable atomizer system so you can easily swap out any old atomizer for a new one quickly, easily and affordably. Tired of throwing money in the trash buying new cartridges once a month? Come let Kanger ease your pain.


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