How to Clean the Vapor BLUNT

General maintenance and upkeep is something necessary for most vaporizers, the VaporBLUNT is no exception. Properly cleaning out your VaporBLUNT vaporizer after each use is not only going to cut down on any long, tenuous cleaning session, but also greatly increase the overall lifespan of your vaporizer.

Right when you are finished using your VaporBLUNT hold down the power button for a few seconds so that the Vapor Blunt shuts down. Give it another 10 minutes to completely cool down and then remove the stir tool cap. Dump out as much used material as will come out and then run the cleaning brush through the chamber to get even more out.

Take a straight object, like a pen, and stick it in the hole at the end of the brush and twist to make cleaning with the brush even easier.

You will see a small screen attached to the stir tool top, this screen can be easily forgotten about but it is very important to clean it with the mini cleaning brush that is included so no build up clogs the small holes. Also you can take the bamboo cleaning stick and scrape the walls of the chamber.

Next you may have noticed the stir tool attached to the cap has a slight curve/hook to it, this not only helps mic your material better, but also acts as an easy tool to remove the screen. Take the stir tool cap and point the curved end towards the small piece that sticks out on the screen and use the hooked end of the stir tool to pull the screen out.

This tiny screen on the stir tool cap is very important to keep completely clear.

While the screen comes out so will any extra material that the brush didn’t pick up, so be careful when pulling the screen out. Once you have the screen out take the cleaning brush and brush both sides of the bottom screen area until you can hold it up to the light and see each and every hole in the screen. Any blocked hole means you need to brush it further.

Now set the screen aside and look down into where you would place the screen and you will see a hole opening. This is the vapor path for the VaporBLUNT, it is not a straight line as it curved around the battery and any electronic parts so your vapor does not come in contact with them. So what you need here is a good old fashioned pipe cleaner to run all the way through to the other side.

The curved end of the stir tool latches on to and removes the screen from the VaporBLUNT.

That takes care of the herb chamber side, now onto the top where the mouthpiece is. The entire top that starts right after the power button and its surrounding piece twists off easily, simply twist it to the left the smallest amount and it will pop off pretty easily.

Now you will see two things, the battery and a tiny hole. This hole is the other end of the vapor path that you just cleaned. Since you just cleaned the vapor path all you have to do is run the pipe cleaner through on this side one more time just to be sure it is fully clear.

Don’t forget to clear the small hole in the cap, as that is where the vapor passes through to reach the mouthpiece.

The last thing that will need cleaning periodically is the mouthpiece. The flavored mouthpieces never really get too dirty since they are silicon, but the standard plastic mouthpiece can get a little build up on the inside. Just take a pin and scrape the inside of the mouthpiece and it should remove any build up easily.

These steps don’t necessarily have to be done after each and every use, except for cleaning out the herb chamber. Cleaning out the vapor path and mouthpiece should be done at least once a week if you are using the VaporBLUNT often.

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