Incredibowl i420: An Award Winning, Virtually Indestructable Steamroller Pipe

Not many pipes survive the test of time as well as the legendary Incredibowl i420 has. Even after many years on the market, no other pipe has displaced it’s position as the reigning champ of steam roller style pipes.

In case you’ve been sleeping under a tree for the better half of the last decade, the i420 is an award winning, seemingly indestructible smoke pipe known for creating massive clouds of cooled smoke without the use of water filtration.

Incredibowl i420 is an award winning smoke pipeWhile some very feeble minded people with serious lack of imagination have tried to clone or knock off this wonder of engineering, sadly for them the fakes can simply not compare. At EZVapes we have sold only 100% authentic Incredibowl brand products since day 1, and the i420 is no exception.

This proudly American-made beauty of a modern pipe is available on its own or in the Deluxe edition in a wide range of colors, in addition to genuine replacement parts and accessories with fast, free shipping at EZVapes:

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