Introducing: Delta9Vapes

Delta9Vapes have released two new portable oil vaporizers aimed at making vaporizing all your essential oils and concentrates away from home quick, simple, and hassle free. Delta9Vapes promises this is just the beginning, but let’s check out their first offerings, the Persei Vaporizer and the Omicron v2 Vaporizer.

The single cartridge design make the Omicron v2 Vaporizer perfect for quick solo sessions on the go.

Leading off is the Omicron v2 oil vaporizer. This slim oil vaporizer is powered by lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, so you will never have to worry about carrying any other accessories, like butane refills or a lighter, with you. All you need is the Omicron vape. The single cartridges are filled quickly and easily with the fill tool included in your kit, no mess to clean up and no spilling material on your new vaporizer.

Super slim design, lightweight, easy to use. Everything you need in a portable vaporizer.

The Persei Vaporizer is the headliner of the two vapes, coming with a few more options and features than the Omicron while still including everything that makes the Omicron a great portable oil vaporizer, such as the rechargeable batteries and slim portable design with one button operation. The Persei vape actually gives you the option of loading two cartridges and placing both of them in the top, giving you more vapor than you may be able to handle.

Additionally, both the Omicron v2 and Persei vaporizers have no additional material in their cartridges, strictly a silica wick and ceramic pieces. So when you vaporizer your precious essential oils and botanical concentrates you are getting nothing but the flavor of your material. These are the first oil vaporizers to have a feature such as this.

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