Introducing The Magical Butter

Magical Butter

After over two years of vigorous testing and design, the innovative and unique Magical Butter system is now available for purchase.

With people still using outdated methods, the creators of the Magical Butter knew it was time for a quicker and easier way to extract essential ingredients out of your material in order to make a compound perfect for baking with. Instead of an extensive and tedious process, the Magical Butter allows you to drop in butter or oil with your material, press one button and walk away. That’s it, the Magical butter will grind, heat and stir the material for you.

When you are done the Magical Butter will even clean itself, drop in a small amount of dish soap and water and press the “clean” button and you are all done. It’s hard to think of any appliance that cleans itself, but the Magical Butter really simplifies things for you to make the entire process hassle free.

Many have chosen the road of “eat to treat” rather than using a vaporizer, making the Magical Butter a must have for anyone looking to simplify this delicate process.


  1. This looks amazing. It could save so much time.

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