Kanger EVOD Starter Kit Vaporizer Review

Getting into e-juice and vape pens can be a bit overwhelming at first. Kanger Tech understands this and have set out to deliver an easy to use and very affordable starter kit to make it easy for you to give e-liquids a try. Have they succeeded? Let’s find out, shall we?

The first thing you’ll notice is how Kanger provides you with TWO full vape pens right out of the box. Load each one with a different flavor, have a back up in case you lose one, give one to a friend, the choice is yours.

I’m usually a little skeptical when something contains two set ups because that can often mean the quality is lacking. Luckily that is not the case here. Both pens have a nice and sturdy feel, like they could take a fall without bursting into 10 pieces.

Speaking of pieces, each pen breaks down into 4 separate pieces: the 510 threaded battery, heating coil, base connector and tank cover. You actually get 5 additional heating coils (7 total) so if you accidentally burn one out you are more than set with backups. Other vape pens you are looking at either buying an additional coil to replace it at minimum and in most cases you have to replace the entire cartridge, so Kanger makes their kit super user friendly by supplying these extra coils.

The EVOD quickly breaks down into four separate pieces.

The EVOD quickly breaks down into four separate pieces.

The battery sports the standard 5 click lock/unlock feature that you may be familiar with by now. The actual power button itself is even curved with the body of the battery to stop you from accidentally pressing the button at all. This is a pro and a con for me though because when I reach for the button without looking it can sometimes be a bit hard to locate. That is a very minor gripe though as after some extended use this became a non-issue.

I was extremely pleased with how fast and easy filling the cartridge with e-juice was, especially since this is marketed as a starter kit it was really important that they nail this part and they did. The cartridge is flipped upside down and then you simply squeeze the e-liquid into the side and then screw the battery back on. Quick. Easy. No mess. BUT please make sure you do not do what I did and flip the cartridge right side up after filling it with e-juice to connect to the battery, thus spilling it everywhere. Flip the battery upside down to screw back on, this will be obvious for most, but I ended up looking like I wet myself because of carelessness.

The indicator light on the charger glows red to let you know it is charging and turns green when it is fully charged.

The indicator light on the charger glows red to let you know it is charging and turns green when it is fully charged.

Holding the power button for only about a second will get you some very smooth vapor pulls. Some pens you have to hold the power button for too long just to get a big cloud, this is definitely not an issue with Kanger’s EVOD. The max I hold the button down for is about 3 seconds tops. The battery will turn off automatically after being held for 15 seconds as a safety feature, but I doubt you ever even get close to 15 seconds and if you do you are doing something wrong.

The battery lasted me about 2 days of fairly consistent use before it died. The EVOD will let you know it is out of battery when you see the button light flash 15 times, there is no mistaking it like with some other pens that only flash a few times. When I plugged it in to charge it was at a full charge in about 4 hours, but this is where the second pen came in handy for me. With the two pen set ups you can always have a battery fully charged and ready to go, no waiting around twiddling your thumbs.

The EVOD pen is extremely easy to fill up with your favorite e-juice.

The EVOD pen is extremely easy to fill up with your favorite e-juice.

There are other “starter” kits out there, but I felt like Kanger really set out from the beginning to make everything as easy as possible, whereas other companies have put out a product and smacked “starter kit” after the name.

If you have been considering giving e-juice a try and just haven’t gotten around to it, don’t want to drop a bunch of money for something you aren’t sure you’ll like, or just think it looks too space age and confusing, then the Kanger EVOD starter kit is the absolute perfect solution. From the moment you open the box and read through the quick instructions you’ll become an e-juice vaping master in minutes!


  1. jumpthegap says

    My wife and I bought this kit at a local shop. Our mission is to eliminate tobacco from our lives. We are very impressed by the quality of the pens themselves. Sturdy, sleek, and well built.

    I would however, caution strongly against leaving the charger connected and unattended for any any length of time.

    Ours burned up the minute we plugged it in. There was a sizzling sound, some smoke, and of course the lovely smell of burning plastic. Luckily it was just the wall plug itself that melted. We were also lucky to have been present when it happened or there could have easily been a house fire.

    We were able to recharge the pens using the USB port on a computer and then get the charger itself replaced.

    The vendor was of course very apologetic, seemed genuinely stunned by what happened, and replaced the entire charger unit with no questions asked.

    We will not however, be charging them overnight for any reason. Given how flimsy the actual wall plug is, it’s just not worth the risk of leaving it unattended. This small bump will not stop us from using the device though. It really is an excellent product. Even with the USB, our pens charge in just over an hour and a half. The charge lasts for a couple days – depending on how much you use them.

    Would I recommend the kit? Yes, with the caution about charging it. I have gone instantly from a pack-a-day smoker to 1 or 2 cigarettes per day. Over the next few months the cigs and the vapor too will be no longer needed.

    Our initial outlay for the kit and a month’s supply of juice for 2 people was about $150 CDN. For 2 people to smoke cigarettes in my neck of the woods is around $20 per day. The kit will pay for itself in under 2 weeks!

  2. Christopher Cronican says

    How did it go for you guys? I’m trying to find a good vaporizer and this one so far is looking mighty fine.

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