Kicking Off May With 3 Vape Giveaways!

Oh warm weather, how we have missed you so. Keeping the good vibes from the nice weather going we have three new vape winners being selected today!

After a clean sweep during our 420 celebration giveaways, we struck out last week and have two past prizes joining the first giveaway for May.

Up first we have the HELOS Mini Double Kit by eDab back for another go around trying to find its permanent new home. The HELOS Mini is one of my personal favorites as far as wax vapes go, I love the slim battery design with the fiery orange glow of the power button. Aesthetics aside, these pens make quick and easy work of your essential oils and concentrates for an enjoyable experience each and every time.

Next we have the Kanger E-Smart Kit for all your e-juice heads out there. This kit has two slim pens that you can quickly load up with your favorite e-juice flavors and hit the road in minutes. With two pens out of the box you can use the extra pen to load up with a different flavor, give one to a friend of family member, or whatever else you can come up with.

The first prize for our May giveaways this month is the customer favorite Dube XS vape pen. The Dube XS is the evolution of the original Dube vaporizer, redesigned with a new screen system and heating element to be better suited for dry material, but still works well with essential oils and concentrates.

Dube XS: Pick a color, any color!

Dube XS: Pick a color, any color!

Now is that time to go check your email inbox to see if you are one of our lucky winners. Look for the subject line from us that reads “Important message from EZVapes” because that means you are one of the lucky three. If you won go ahead and shoot us back an email with where you want your prize shipped, color option (if necessary), and we’ll have your new prize out to you in no time.

If you aren’t eligible for the giveaways yet or just aren’t sure, go ahead and join the EZVapes community and rest assured you are eligible for our giveaways every Friday. You’ll also get our weekly vaporizer newsletter that keeps you in the know and up to speed on what’s going on ’round these parts as well as some good reviews and pics of new products.

We JUST kicked off our new monthly sale yesterday that nets you 15% off herb vapes through the entire month of May! Find the vape for dry herbs you want, add it to your cart, enter the coupon code “HERB” at checkout and watch as you now have your desired herb vape* at a much cheaper price.

That wraps up this week of the giveaways but this is just week one of FIVE giveaway days this month. Anyone start planning out how they are going to spend their Memorial Day extended weekend at the end of the month? Let us know in the comments and have a great weekend!

*Few exceptions may apply

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