Let Summer Begin, 3 Winners Picked!

Summer is officially here as of today, what better way to kick off the best season of them all than with some sweet giveaways?!

Last week we had the A-Pen claimed and on Monday it departed on a journey to its new owner, Dan M. from Ohio. Bet you he’s enjoying it right now. This week we have the VaporBLUNT Pro Kit still staring us down with sad puppy dog eyes because nobody wants to play with it, the SToK Gold VAP Kit, and a Cloud Pen 2.0!

Remember to win any of the prizes listed above or any of our future giveaway prizes you have to be signed up for our weekly newsletter, but that’s it. No sending anything in, you don’t have to buy from our site (but if you do we won’t hold it against you), just make sure you are signed up for the newsletter.

In addition to those giveaways we have our Facebook only giveaway for the quickest, easiest and cleanest way to extract those precious oils from your material, the Honey Bee Extractor. To use with that Honey Bee we have the purest and finest butane you can find, Xikar premium butane. Quite the giveaway if you ask us.

To win the Facebook exclusive giveaways simply follow the instructions detailed here and you have an excellent chance of winning, but step one would be liking us first! All winners are chosen completely at random and even international winners are eligible, ask Lisa from Ireland with her Palm 2.0 or Andon from Bulgaria with his G Pen!

Our 15% off oil vaporizers sale is still going on, so if you haven’t taken advantage yet what on Earth are you waiting for?! Just use the code “OIL15” at checkout when buying any oil vape and watch the savings instantly appear.

That’ll do it for another fun week of giveaways, now stop reading this and get outside and enjoy summer since it is finally here!


  1. i so would love to win this giveaway these look awesome

  2. Hemophage says

    I really really really want to win

  3. Ziggy1363 says

    Would love the vapor blunt kit just what the doctor ordered!

  4. Michaela says

    my vap- pen just broke. I NEED TO WIN

  5. Vanessa Garner says

    I have been signed up for the newsletter as well as liked ya on Facebook, for a long minute now! And have yet to win anything. Do I need to unlike, then like for each giveaway?! I’m starting to feel sad about this one 🙁 what’s the problem?

    • The prizes are given away completely at random so it is a numbers game. You don’t have to keep signing up, but keep a look out on Fridays on Facebook because we do a photo sharing contest that is exclusive to our FB fans and the odds are much better. Best of luck in the future giveaways!

  6. bella smyth says

    awesome selection 🙂

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