Lighter Mate Magnetic Lighter

The Lighter Mate is the world’s first magnetic lighter. Now that may not seem like the biggest deal, but when you really think about all the advantages a magnetic lighter offers you quickly realize this is almost a no-brainer pick up for those smoking or vaporizing with a product that requires a lighter.

There are two pretty powerful magnets, they can hold 50 times their weight, inside the Lighter Mate lighter, but you also get what is called the “Mate Plate”. The Mate Plate is a small rectangular magnetic surface that is super skinny and will cling to your Lighter Mate for dear life. The reason this is included is so you can stick the Lighter Mate to objects that you normally couldn’t.

A perfect example would be sliding the Mate Plate into the cellophane wrapping of your cigarette pack and then sticking the Lighter Mate to the other side so you always know where your lighter is. Forget shuffling through your pockets or your deep and seemingly bottomless purse for your lighter, just pull it off the Mate Plate and light, you’re all set.

The Lighter Mate comes in over 190 different color combinations.

On the bottom of the Lighter Mate you will find a small turn nozzle that can be twisted easily with your fingernail, or the corner of your Mate Plate, to adjust the flame level. Either use a more butane conservative low flame, or a really high flame, whichever you prefer.

Also on the bottom you will find a removable magnetic key ring, allowing you to stick your keys to any magnetic surface along with your Lighter Mate. Lose your keys all the time? When you get home throw your Lighter Mate and keys on the fridge, problem solved.

Not only is the Lighter Mate a green product, being made with recycled materials, but it is also safe for air travel, and it will never interfere with any of your electronic devices, such as a laptop or cell phone. The Lighter Mate is also 100% refillable and lasts through about 1,000 lights before it needs to be refilled.

The Lighter Mate next to its counterpart, the Mate Plate, and the removable magnetic key ring.

One final and amazing feature is how the Lighter Mate will light in the most extreme conditions, even rain, and no matter how long you keep it lit the entire lighter, including where the flame comes out, stays cool to the touch. The Lighter Mate really delivers on being an any time, anywhere lighter.

If you are sick and tired of losing lighter after lighter, which I’m sure you are, the Lighter Mate is the absolute perfect lighter for you. The Lighter Mate is anything but just another lighter.

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