Your Lucky Day: 7 Winners Selected To Start April!

It’s time to kick off one of the best months there is, April! We’re having double and even TRIPLE vaporizer giveaways this month and it all starts right….NOW!

Due to previous winners being completely asleep at the wheel we now have SEVEN giveaways today! This is quite possibly the largest giveaway we have had to date and makes all of your chances MUCH greater at snagging a prize.

First up we have not one, not two, but THREE HELOS Mini kits up for grabs. The HELOS Mini was just released by eDab and has really impressed everyone here at EZVapes with how it offers all the quality and efficiency of a full size pen in a small package. And did I mention you get 2 vape pens out of the box? Yea, you definitely do.

After that we have TWO Cloud Pen 2.0 vapes on the prowl for a new home. This small wax vape pen comes in a number of vibrant colors and their new waxy atomizer has been tweaked for optimal performance.

The grand prize from our March Madness giveaways , the new VapeXhale Cloud EVO, still remains unclaimed. This is simply unacceptable. This vape is blazing a trail for table tops with its all glass connection and vapor path and insanely efficient heater.

Three HELOS Mini Double Kits looking for new homes!

Three HELOS Mini Double Kits looking for new homes!

Lastly our first prize of our April giveaways is joining the fray this afternoon, the Prometheus Pocket pipe. The Prometheus Pipe has gained a ton of popularity thanks to it being made mostly of glass, but with a strong exterior aluminum shell to protect it from breaking. Add on the Prometheus oil kit and you can turn this awesome pipe into a powerhouse oil vape!

To see if you were one of the lucky 7 who won simply check the email inbox for the account you used to sign up. If you have an “Important message from EZVapes” then you are one of our winners! Reply back with where you want the prize shipped and your color choice (if applicable) and your prize will be on its way in no time.

We just kicked off our huge month long sale where you can get 15% off SITE WIDE. Just enter the coupon code “420” at checkout and reap the rewards of being in the know for all these sales we throw!

That wraps things up for this week, but stay tuned because leading up to the big 420 celebration we are just going to be having more and more deals and giveaways! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Robert Barrick>Wini Barrick says

    /Wini: Did I win??? Who did win? Is there a list or something?

    • If you won you will have an email from us with the subject line “Important message from EZVapes”, if you got that email reply with the requested info and we’ll get your prize sent out!

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