Magic Flight Launch Box vs Palm 2.0?

New gallery image: Magic Flight Launch Box vs Palm 2.0?
Magic Flight Launch Box vs Palm 2.0?
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  1. Ziggy1363 says

    Magic flight Box because the others Plastic! Not natural wood and the flight box looks cool too . I wish I had got one instead of the Da Vinci and a Hot Box!

  2. too many mflb owners complain about wood splitting from constantly getting heated up from batteries getting hot and the palm looks and feels cheap (i have one) . both are poor in the area of replacing screens , price is ridiculous for both and neither last long with concentrates stick to dry flowers or be frustrated ……simplicity is the key here and both require rituals to use , and to clean , making it a conversation pc more than a usable item . if you are not careful with either you can end up burning instead of vaping so what is the point of wasting 100 bucks to “look cool” ? anything that requires cleaning before you are done using is a waste of MY time and money !
    (still waitin for a quality vape , got a box of so called vapes )

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