March Madness: Giveaways and Deals All Month!

Jeepers creepers, March 2015 giveaways are over, but you can see what we are giving away this month by clicking here.

Have you already filled out your bracket for the month? Made any ridiculous bets? Of course you have, it’s time for March Madness, but we’re talking vaporizer madness here at EZVapes!

We have TWO prizes from last month that went unclaimed, but this is good news for you since we will continue to offer them up until they are claimed and have a loving new home.

For the first drawing this Friday, March 13th we’ll not only be putting these unclaimed vapes back up, we’re doubling the amount given away! We’ll have a total of TWO HELOS-G Case Kits and TWO HELOS Mini Double Kits going to some lucky winners. But what about the other weeks? Here’s our full March giveaway schedule:

March 13th: 2 x HELOS-G Case Kit and 2 x HELOS Mini Double Kit

March 20th: Pinnacle Pro

March 27th: Atmos Boss

Like I said, vaporizer madness. Heard enough and want in? Enter here or read below for the inside scoop on all the vapes we’re giving away this month.


The wax masters at eDab are back, combining a few of their greatest hits into one kit that is sure to efficiently handle all your favorite waxy concentrates.

The powerful titanium element enails are housed by a beautiful all glass dome/mouthpiece combo, and it is all powered by the best of the best, the eDab variable voltage Spin battery to find that perfect vaping power.


Double your pleasure, double your fun with the HELOS Mini Double Kit. The little brother of the HELOS-G, the HELOS Mini comes in a much smaller package that makes it even easier for you to enjoy waxy concentrates anywhere you go.

Your choice of the classic mouthpiece design, or make it look like its big brother by adding the G Model glass globe/mouthpiece combo for even smoother pulls.


You simply can’t have vape madness without including the guys at VaporBLUNT. Arguably their best vape yet, the Pinnacle Pro does it all, waxy concentrates, dry material, and does it well. The slim design makes it incredibly easy to pick up and take with you.

There are 5 different heat level settings making it easy to find the perfect comfort level for you. Even better, the Pinnacle Pro uses “herb bullets” to put your dry material in before loading to make clean up easier with the Pinnacle than any vape out there.


Headlining this month’s giveaways, we have one of the newer offerings from Atmos, the Boss. The Atmos Boss uses a stainless steel heating chamber made to generate true vapor from your dry material. Unlike some vape pens have claimed in the past, the Boss won’t leave you, or your dry material, burned.

Throw in the durable and thin design and you have the perfect vape to take anywhere with you to enjoy your dry material without having to rely on combustion.

That is a lot of vapes packed into half a month, truly some vape madness. Make sure you get in on the madness by joining the EZVapes community. You’ll be eligible for our giveaways every Friday and you’ll even receive our comprehensive weekly email newsletter with all the latest news and happenings in the vaporizer market.

In addition to the giveaways each week, we’ll be running a number of different coupons for our spring sale that you must make sure you take advantage of. Increasing your chances of being a winner even more, make sure you head over to our Facebook page where we give away a different flavor of e-juice each week day! Definitely keeps things more interesting during your work week.

So which vape do you have your eye on? Any vapes you want to see in the future giveaways? Let us know in the comments!

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