May The Giveaways Continue: 4 Winners This Week!

Not a single winner claimed their prize last week, that means this week we have a whopping 4 giveaways to hand out!

Check your email inboxes, spam folder, bulk folder, leave no stone unturned looking for an email from us notifying you that you are one of our random lucky winners. Your odds are pretty good this week as we have the Prometheus Titan, Palm 2.0, VaporBLUNT Pro Kit and VaporBLUNT 2.0 going out today!

At this rate we may be giving away 5 items next week with the the Pinnacle being added to the mix. So if you haven’t sign up for our newsletter to become eligible for all our giveaways.

For all those that didn’t win, well for those who did win too, don’t forget you can still get 15% off ANY VaporBLUNT product until the end of the month using the coupon code “VB15” at checkout.

Hopefully we have some winners claim their prizes this week, but either way we are in for some more awesome giveaways next week, same time, same place, see you then!


  1. I here by claim my Prometheus pipe please send it my way I will gladly take it off your hands!

  2. Would sure love to win, really need a vaporizer but no money to buy one on a handicapped budget which is very tight plus have to buy smoke!!

  3. wow they look awesome

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