Mendo Mulchers Are Back And On Sale!

Mendo Mulcher Herb Grinders

Like a Valentine’s Day gift we were never expecting, Mendo Mulcher herb grinders are finally back in stock and, as per usual, we are celebrating by giving you some great deals on them through the rest of the month of February.

For those not aware, Mendo Mulcher grinders are some of the best in the business, combining durability and beauty in one awesome package. Each Mendo grinder is hand crafted from aircraft grade billet aluminum, helping them resist wear and tear like the plague. The billet aluminum not only stops scratching, but also stops the grinder from collecting finger prints and smudging, maintaining its striking beauty at all times.

One feature that puts Mendo Mulcher herbal grinders a step above the rest is their curved grinding teeth. So if you are grinding a lot of material at once you can forget about ever having to deal with any sticking and can always count on a super fine grind perfect for vaporizing or even preparing your blend to extract essential oils or concentrates.

After a brief, yet agonizing, respite Mendo grinders are once again gracing our warehouse shelves and we want to give you a great deal through the rest of February by giving you 15% off any Mendo herb grinder by using the coupon code “MENDO” at check out. This of course coming in addition to our current monthly deal on vaporizer pens.

Being hand crafted, these can be hard to come by. So act fast and experience why Mendo is setting the standard for quality herbal grinders.

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