Mid-Summer Sitewide Vaporizer Sale 2015

The MLB just wrapped up their annual 2015 All-Star game to break up the summer, so we thought it would be the perfect time to throw a Mid-Summer Classic of our own – a site wide vaporizer sale that will energize your second half of summer with delicious vaporizer deals.

Right now you can use the coupon code “SUNSHINE” at EZVapes.com and get an instant 15% off anything your little heart desires, with very few exceptions. Whether a new mod, vape pen, portable, table top, or maybe just some odds and ends, we’ve got something that is sure to keep your summer going strong until the very last moment. Put together your own All-Star team of vapes, parts, or accessories and enter the coupon code, and enjoy some sweet and sizzling savings. Visit site now

Check out some suggestions from the crew here at EZVapes, these are some of the rigs we are currently using to vape the summer away:

Atmos Jump vape pen

Atmos Jump on the beach at sunset.


Atmos gave this vape a very fitting name because this thing has made a ton of people literally jump for joy after giving it a go. This tiny little vape is a true dry herb vaporizer, making sure there is no combustion to speak of and only sweet, tasty vapor. Here’s what EZVapes crew member Chris had to say about it:

I’ve taken this thing everywhere with me this summer and it has yet to let me down. Working at EZVapes I am privy to many top of the line vapes soon after they come out and have owned and used more dry herb vapes than even the most seasoned vets. I can tell you without hesitation that this little beast is the last dry herb pen you will ever need. Super cheap, heats up fast, very sexy carbon fiber exterior, and good battery life. I don’t leave home without it and if I do you can bet your ass I’m turning back around to go get it. Perfect for the beach.

HELOS-G vape pen

HELOS-G taking a late afternoon nap on the beach. Vaping all that waxy material can be tiresome!


The HELOS derives its name from the power of the sun, so it is only fitting that we feature it here as one of summer’s stars. It’s beautiful glass globe/mouthpiece combo delivers your the vapor you crave from your favorite waxy materials with ease. Here at EZVapes Jared has been using the HELOS-G since it first arrived, so see what he had to say:

I’m still confused how one coil can last me over a month without burning out. I was so used to buying coils regularly that I almost did it out of habit until I got the HELOS-G. Luckily that isn’t necessary and my wallet thanks eDab for that. There are a lot of pens out there, with a host of unnecessary or only half-thought-out features along with untested or ineffective parts. I feel what truly sets this model apart is that it has everything you need and nothing you don’t. While other kits will drown you with half a dozen coils, most of which don’t work right or are not needed (and add to the sticker price), or add features that are pretty much useless, I think the HELOS-G offers an outstanding experience based on tried and tested functionality and design, rather than bells and whistles.

Kanger SUBOX mod

The Kanger SUBOX in all its glory.


The Kanger SUBOX mini starter kit is your ticket into the sub-ohm vape scene that you’ve been waiting for. No longer do you have to take a significant hit to your bank account in order to generate monstrous clouds on the go or piece together a new set up and worry about how it will work after you have laid out your cash. Recently we haven’t seen Billy around the office without his SUBOX, we asked him for a quick bit on what he thinks:

I’ve been disappointed before with some other sub-ohm mod set-ups promising huge clouds and falling flat or coming up short on quality and durability, but the SUBOX has met and exceeded my expectations.

He followed that statement by blowing a huge vapor cloud and disappearing like some sort of vape ninja.

REMEMBER you can get 15% off everything you just saw here and much, much more by using the coupon code “SUNSHINE” at checkout at EZVapes.com, so what are you waiting for? Get shopping before summer (and this sale) is over! Find a better price? Don’t sweat it, just give us a call and we will match or beat it with no hassle.

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