Monthly Giveaways: May The VaporBLUNT Be With You

VaporBLUNT Giveaways

UPDATE: Although one prize remains, these giveaways have come to a close. Check out our 8 weeks of vape pen giveaways!

With a flat out insane month of giveaways in April just coming to a close it’s time to announce our next set of awesome giveaways for the month of May. Just like the past two months, we are once again holding one giveaway each week!

Every Friday this month we will be giving away a different VaporBLUNT vaporizer: a VaporBLUNT Pro Kit, Palm Vaporizer 2.0, VaporBLUNT 2.0, and the newest addition to their stable, the Pinnacle portable vaporizer.

Here’s the breakdown of what to expect each week:

  • May 3rd: Palm 2.0 (Winner: Lisa from Ireland)
  • May 10th: VaporBLUNT Pro Kit (Winner: Amber V. from California)
  • May 17th: VaporBLUNT 2.0 (Winner: Chris J. from California)
  • May 24th: Pinnacle (Winner: Rikki A. from Washington)

Wait, that still leaves Friday, May 31st you say? Little did we know it would line up like this when we thought of these giveaways. Well, we have something special planned for that day don’t you worry. You didn’t think we’d skip a Friday, did you?

If you simply can not wait or leave it up to chance, we’ve got you covered. Any time from now until the end of the month of May use the coupon code “VB15” at checkout and instantly save 15% off on ANY VaporBLUNT product.

Never heard of VaporBLUNT? Well then, you need to crawl out from within that cave you’ve been inhabiting. Allow us to give you a brief introduction to each vape in the pool for our vaporizer giveaways this month:


Their flagship vape, appropriately named “the VaporBLUNT” of course, hit the scene a couple of years ago now and was welcomed with open arms thanks to its incredible efficiency, super easy operation, and comfortable feel. Then we kicked it up a notch with the VaporBLUNT Pro Kit that includes a super tough, water resistant case with custom cut foam to hold the VB and its parts. Still a customer favorite after all this time.

Palm Vaporizer 2.0

The original Palm vape was gone as soon as it got here, with VaporBLUNT releasing a Palm 2.0 shortly after the original that had improvements across the board. They made it smaller, added dual screens to make it easier to use, and the battery life was much improved. It literally fits in the palm of your hand (get it?!), making it a great vape when on the go.

VaporBLUNT 2.0

The VaporBLUNT 2.0 takes everything that made the original so great and makes it even better. You now have 5 heat levels as opposed to 2 and the smaller, more compact design makes it a much more viable option to use away from home. The VaporBLUNT 2.0 is the real deal.

Pinnacle Vaporizer

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Pinnacle vaporizer. This little devil is the smallest vaporizer for dry herbs we have seen (that actually works like its supposed to) that uses a lithium-ion battery for power. Meaning you get full bodied and smooth vapor pulls in the smallest package possible. This is a must have if you are vaping almost exclusively away from home.

Becoming eligible for all of these giveaways is still as easy as it has always been, simply sign up for our vaporizer newsletter, which keeps you updated on all the happenings around EZVapes on a weekly basis. That’s it, from that point on you’re eligible for this month’s giveaways and all our future ones.

It was going to be hard to top last month’s giveaways, but something tells us this might do it. You be the judge and let us know in the comments.


  1. please please please i could use one

  2. Would love to get any of these..Looks awesome

  3. Especially the 2.0…..oh yeh

  4. I can use one living where I live to keep neighbors happy

  5. Debbie Hernandez says

    just got my cannabis card and told to use a vaporizer.would really love to get one.

  6. Charles McCallum says

    Would love to win anything

  7. Ken Laverty says

    How do ya sign up, for these giveaway’s? Is it automatic when ya sign up for the newsletter.

  8. The only way I possibly can get one is to win it, I live on 701.00 a month sure could make life a little easier.

  9. That’s awesome that EZVapes does these giveaways, I’ve just never been lucky enough to win one! I have wanted these vapes, especially the VaporBlunt for so long, I just am wayyy too broke to buy them haha

    Maybe one day I’ll be lucky enough to win one…May is my bday month, I can feel the luck right about meow

  10. Would sure love to win a vaporizer…use medical pot, have MS and arthritis. Using a vaporizer is so much healthier on the lungs, also have COPD.I live on a very small budget with no money to buy one.

  11. I am a carded MM user, my husband was diagnosed with emphysema. I am very concerned about the smoke for his sake. I really need a device but can’t afford it. Winning this would be the best thing ever!

  12. I could use one for toking between classes, would be great for a broke college kid from south central! 🙂

  13. would love to win one 🙂

  14. I smoke for anxiety but my 83 year old mother has asthma, sure would love to vape instead… then I wouldn’t have to go to the garage to medicate 🙂

  15. Can I please claim that Palm 2.0 if unclaimed 🙂

    I seriously need a vape soooo bad and can’t afford one and clearllllyyy this person doesn’t check their emails every Friday like all of us EZVape subscribers should! haha

    Shotty that vape…I wish

  16. It just keeps getting better more states are seeing the advantage of legalization…..Once someone develops a way to test for how many hours ago someone medicated other than then the 30 day test more people will get on board..It sucks that in Texas most employers do this type of testing and someone can lose their job for something done weeks ago.

  17. Would love to win a rechargeable portable for those bike trips to the country

  18. Ricky Ableidinger says

    These vaporizers look cool and im sure that they r a pleasure to use and share with my family

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