New And Improved Magical Butter

Magical Butter

Late last year we introduced you to the Magical Butter, an innovative and convenient way to extract essential ingredients from your material to make compounds for baking with. Despite it already being easy to use, the guys at Magical Butter were not satisfied and have released a new version of the Magical Butter that makes it even easier than before.

The unit is overall more efficient, but the redesigned interface makes the entire process as simple as possible. After placing your material in the unit, you easily select the type of compound you would like to create, pressing either the “oil”, “butter” or “tincture” button and then watch as the Magical Butter gets to work with a nice color light display. It even cleans itself when the process is done, doesn’t get much more convenient than that.

The new Magical Butter is in stock and ready to ship, so start making your “eat to treat” process a whole lot easier today.


  1. Really need a portable weed, oil or that waxy oil stuff, vapor pen or chamber to put on the 510-710 pens I’ve already got? Free stuff is cool but we don’t do butta. Or edibles unless its a free gift w/purchase!

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