New and Improved Palm Vaporizer 2.0

Palm 2.0

Although the Palm Vaporizer hasn’t been around for long, the guys over at VaporBLUNT decided there was room for improvement and capitalized. Introducing the Palm Vaporizer 2.0!

The new Palm 2.0 Vaporizer is one of the smallest vaporizers we have seen hands down, seriously contesting with the Vapman for the smallest vape available. The size puts a new meaning to “Palm” in the name, as the entire unit can fit right in the palm of your hand.

There is now a two screen design, with the original Palm Vape screen being pressed together with a second screen to hold your material in place even while standing vertically. With the battery on top this time around, it is even easier to push in the battery and get some great vapor pulls in a matter of seconds.

The original Palm Vaporizer has now seen a price cut in light of the newer model and at the new low price it makes it an absolutely perfect pick up for someone looking for a portable vaporizer who is also on a budget.

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