New Atmos Vaporizers

The shock proof carrying cases keep your Atmos A-Pen and Optimus 510 safe at all times.

Atmos RX may be best known for their Atmos Raw portable vaporizer, but recently they have released two new vapes for use with e-liquids and essential oils.

The Atmos Optimus 510 is absolutely perfect for all your essential oils. The tanks are completely clear and have a measuring scale printed right on it so you can accurately gauge how much oil you put in the tank and also how much you have left at any given time. The 510 threading, the most popular threading used in vape pens, also makes the Optimus vaporizer compatible with other Atmos products as well as similar vaporizers of its size.

The Atmos A-Pen, as the name suggests, looks more like a standard pen than it does a portable vaporizer. Its stealthy design does more than just provide discretion, the pen clip top makes transporting the A-Pen vaporizer extremely easy. It is pocket size, but with the clip you have multiple options on how to bring the A-Pen by Atmos around with you to vaporize any of your essential oils or concentrates.

It can’t get any easier than only having to press one button to vaporize.

Both of these great new vaporizers work with the push of one button, just like the Atmos RAW(Now in Lime Green). When you push the power button it immediately heats up and begins vaporizing your material in seconds. The slim pocket designs, paired up with the quick one button operation makes both of these Atmos vaporizers perfect for those who need something that can be used instantaneously without any hassle or frustration.

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